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Go into a fact of five five pm today. now you remember weld. County was Put into that level red group. Those restrictions going to affect on sunday the decision to jump from level yellow to red on the states Covid nineteen risk style was made by the larimer county board of health on november twentieth. After state officials demanded the county go to level orange. this ccording to dr bernard birnbaum. Dr birnbaum is president of the board of health. State officials also said if alarm a county didn't act well. It would be categorically moved to read as of wednesday. Because case numbers and positivity rate for the disease were so far out of compliance with guidelines close quote set by the colorado department of public health and environment. Now the board is. We've talked about at hope to allow time to see the impact of targeted mitigation efforts. Put into effect november thirteenth by public health director. Tom gonzalez but data showing extent of the disease in the community convinced. The board to take swifter action delaying the start of a new restrictions which included a ban on indoor dining at restaurants until today was intended to give the county health department time to present clear messaging about a level read to the community and it was also done in the hope that those mitigation efforts that were put into place november thirteenth would show some positive results again. Lamoure county joins twenty other colorado counties including wild county at level red on the states. Covid nineteen dial now as of monday. The county's fourteen day average for cases was around nine hundred per one. Hundred thousand residents positivity rate for covid nineteen testing was at twelve point four percent local hospitals in larimer county reported having ninety four cova de nine thousand nine hundred patients. Gonzales said gets county out of level. Red will require significantly reducing the number of cases in the positivity rate to the extent state officials. See the county is making headway and slowing the spread of the disease again. Just as a reminder. Here's what being at level red means. People in high risk populations should seriously consider staying home. Personal gatherings are not allowed at regardless of size again. Larimer county pudding call out To postpone your thanksgiving plans which has led many of us to well. Quite the conundrum with how we're going to approach thanksgiving this year restaurants must close to indoor dining take out curbside..

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