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The top of the Southeast Division. They'll play Sacramento tomorrow. Another MBA scores yesterday, the Houston Rockets snapped in 20 game losing streak with 1 17 99 win over the Raptors. The Milwaukee Bucks won their seventh straight. They beat Indiana 1 42 1 13 Gordon Hayward had 27 points as the Hornets beat the Spurs. 100 to 97, Utah beat Chicago 1 22 95 behind 21 points and 10 rebounds from Rudy, Go Bear. And the Braves fell to the Twins and spring training action yesterday. 40 to Kyle right, took the loss for Atlanta, giving up all four of Minnesota's runs in his five innings. Jonathan Morale is led the Braves offense with an R B I double and then scoring another run on the ground out in the ninth. Play Boston today. At one o'clock, you confined more sports that access W D win. All right. Thank you. Cal Appreciate the information, and we want to say good morning, once again to Robin Templeton, who joins us from the insurance source. Robin has your spring going so far. Nobody's going great. Bill has his fantastic, just beautiful blossoms out on my walk back and forth. It's just beautiful. Just fantastic. It's been almost Don't talk down. Almost you. Yeah, I'm nice. There you go. Absolutely past the pollen first. Otherwise you could be dusting forever. That's for sure. Yeah, You're busy right now. So you got other things to worry about. And that is getting us through this. A series of open enrollment. We got two things going on simultaneously and Folks, If you're looking for your health insurance, you got questions. Even if you feel like you've got a good situation, get it reviewed never hurts to get the experts to look at and that's what you folks do. There is nothing better than educated consumer. That's how it it's very important to know what you have and what your options are, and that's what we're therefore and it doesn't cost you a penny. Give me a call combined. Save me. Let me see what I can do to help you. Make sure you've got what you need to open The Roman for Medicare. The hand Ege and on March 31st. So anybody that had a plan that got signed up didn't write regular opening moment. Director bring the December But like your plan now is your time You got a few days left the switch over a week from tomorrow. Believe it or not, exactly, it comes quickly. So you know, even if you've got a great plan, give me a call. Let me go over. Make sure it is the plan you want because you wouldn't step so you first comes as it were on that plan took none except for the moment. And I know you're into individual so we have until may. So we have time for anybody that wants to work in the individual plan to get health insurance for you or your family. Maybe shop it out. See what we can do. Okay, but I also have so many other things that there's offer them so hospital indemnity plans. You may have a higher deductible plan because you can't afford, you know, a lower deductible. That's okay. Because you're concerned mostly about you kind of tropic issues and something happens to you. You're lost little. Was it going to cost you Hospital. Demi plans coming handed him with that and help blow that down. And that check comes back to you directly and said they're going to one of the providers. You make a sea of the hospital that I go to that comes to you. And you said there later. What comes back to you so that you can help Offset some of those bills Nice to feel in control and actually literally be in control. That's a good feeling A lot of times. You don't have that feeling When we're dealing with these matters with insurance, so let's put him in the driver's seat. How did they get in touch with you folks at the insurance source? Thank you, Mia Colored 775321900 they stopped by the office is 42 22 McKevitt Road in Oakwood, Georgia. Very good. Check it out the insurance source..

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