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And his response to Republicans calling for tax cuts A 50 year resident of the Woodland park zoo has died not by the factor with what happened to Malawi From ABC News I'm Daria albinger a landmark decision from a federal judge in Manhattan at vacates a bankruptcy case involving a company and a family at the center of the OxyContin epidemic The judge ruled a bankruptcy court had no authority to release the Sackler families from liability in civil opioids cases It was a condition of the sacklers four and a half $1 billion contribution to a settlement with state and local governments They had sued Purdue pharma for flooding their communities with OxyContin The judge said she knows invalidating these releases will almost certainly lead to the undoing of a carefully crafted plan that would bring about many wonderful things but she decided that plan can not be based on something outside the bankruptcy court's authority Aaron kitt ski ABC News New York Divided administration has filed a pair of emergency requests with the Supreme Court It's asking the justices to reinstate a nationwide vaccine mandate for healthcare workers with COVID cases on the rise and the emergence of the omicron variant CDC director doctor Russo alinsky has approved an independent committee's recommendation that people opt for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines over Johnson & Johnson It's very clear that the mRNA vaccines are just slightly more effective as slightly more safe So it makes absolute sense that CDC would preferentially recommend the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines ABC medical contributor Doctor John brownstein says that issue is the rare blood clotting issue associated with J&J law enforcement in New Mexico want to look at an actor's cell phone A search warrant has now been issued for Alec Baldwin's cell phone Authorities are looking for possible evidence including text messages and emails related to the death of the cinematographer who was killed by the gun that Baldwin was holding during a rehearsal Baldwin says he was told there was no live ammunition in the gun and that he never pulled the trigger ABC's Trevor alt house progressives say they passed the bipartisan infrastructure deal Now they want the Senate to stay in session until build back better's past You're listening to ABC News Stay connected stay informed 20 minutes of nonstop news continues on como news 1000 FM 97 7 Good evening 6 O two 42 in downtown Seattle I'm Rick fan sized These stories making news around the northwest recall election of Seattle city council member shamas appears to have been mathematically decided tonight the latest numbers from King County election show no votes outnumber those in favor of the recall by more than 300 and there are now less than 150 challenged ballots left to be counted The results are expected to be certified tomorrow Governor inslee laying out his supplemental budget plan which includes spending additional tax revenue and federal COVID money come as Ryan Harris with details The $62 billion plan addresses what the governor calls multiple crises including COVID poverty the climate and educational and mental health issues students have faced because of the pandemic Some of that federal money will go toward nearly a $1 billion in transportation spending Some to keep critical projects going and some the governor says to add to the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Republicans have called on the governor to use the tax revenue surplus to reduce taxes But inslee says much of this is one time money and tax cuts would be longer term I think that it is would be beguiling to think that we can do something that would permanently reduce the ability to service the needs of Washington The governor's plan also calls for an additional $600 million for the rainy day fund which he promises will be back up to its pre-pandemic level within four years Ryan Harris come on is a state senator predicting the new and controversial law cares payroll deduction likely will not begin on time Here's corwin hake with more We're talking about the deduction of 58 cents of every $100 a worker earns to pay for long-term disability or senior care down the road The deduction is scheduled to begin in January but serving on the state investment board democratic state senator Mark mullet of this require points out the board's plans to invest that revenue are premature They're going to delay the collection of the payroll tax He's acknowledging the likelihood governor Jay inslee will approve a delay requested earlier this month by the Senate democratic leadership at some point in the next 48 hours In that request the lawmakers say they have heard from constituents who believe the deduction is unfair and that not everyone who pays in will benefit I really think we're going to see a lot of fluctuation of what's happening in those programs Mullet predicts the legislature will pass several fixes then reimplement walk hairs sometime in mid 2023 Corwin hake como news coming up Sending specialized workers instead of cops or firefighters I'm Jeff Pedro with the latest on a successful Seattle program A news radio update on your traffic every ten minutes on the forest from the duban law group traffic center in marinara I was looking at some travel times Seattle to Federal Way on I 5 is about 36 minutes at the moment If you're trying to leave Alder wood and get up towards the Everett area or south center up to older what I should say on four O 5 it's going to take about 53 minutes Same thing for south center to older one on I 5 about 53 minutes We have very heavy traffic Southbound four O 5 from 5 20 through Newcastle and continues to be slow to 30th in rent and south and I 5 solid from Lake city way down to I 90 south by 5 and highway 18 is slow into fight Your next combo traffic at 6 14 Okay rain showers are not helping They're scattered around the sound right now in.

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