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And the music that they've made but you know a lot of Russes I've given a lot of pushback a lot of wrestlers you know deservingly. So should not have had to change their music because it's very much tied into their personality and their entrance and how over they are but my gosh could follow more the better song for keithly. Something like apparently, and apparently the deal is that it's like a half inch song I. Don't even know why you'd find yourself in that situation. You know I'm I'm part of the voting block that was just like they could have just left the TNT title off TV until they had the. Bringing out the half ass title like I like like could you not have Keith? Lee. Just making no music appearance like I don't have the song. You can make that make that part of the story you know having come out of the crowd something. Oh, man we already he's a moment maker and we've already done the whole I mean you know you can't see on skype but I'll like acted out for Dave Shoemaker. Many gifts where like keithly, literally US pops up. On on the corner rope and that would have been good enough for me. There's no crowd out there like this the video screens that would have been good enough for me I don't think you do any favors by. Having people talk more about things that really shouldn't matter than what should matter, which is keithly and we'll continue to talk about things that don't matter his his maybe the music will get better will put a pause on that too. Before we get to the clothes I, WanNa talk about the beard and this is. This is such a minor point. We tried this when he first came into INEX- t they did the same thing at the time I was like somebody made the someone. Told Me Shave. Marina aside whatever, and then quickly they realized this is a guy that should be wearing a beer right I mean look and I..

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