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I think it's the removal of protection back to lake j no no no we put up claimer on wait a minute he has no personal knowledge of this he is heard it on the program i just know things hand she works with you got apologize pama john that's our fault that's what is a hot rail what is the hot to do it but it's the math in the staff the definition and the stuff continuing our gas go around producer nick have you ever stealth anybody stop the music or not going to do it anymore let me let me continue with cristina garcia crying trying to make a crime to remove a condom without permission no one's working on that i've been working on during the inter interference okay so major issues facing her community who does she represent thirty eighth district leave thirty eight okay let's see so stealth thing is top of her list in terms of legislative must haves making bellflower serena's hawaiian gardens lama rawda and my fatherinlaw lives in in la mirada funny when he talks about issues facing the community isn't bring up stealth thing i don't think that this is a top of mind for a lot of people who live in pico rivera norwalk santa fe springs whittier i mean let me now i mean no gary and shannon on twitter if stealth thing is one of the major concerns of the thirty eighth congressional district in california because i don't think it breaks into the top twenty i don't think it does either she she says in other parts of the interview that her big concerns are pollution jobs and then so worth course stealth thing so congratulations blake you've answered all the questions that we need to that's depressing you've depressed me sorry with this christina garcia interview i'm just saying i didn't realize it was that bad in her head listen and again this is just locker room talk your head this is clearly this.

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