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And with no medical assistance available and he had a few hours to live. I'll fly him to nakae as it was affectionately named on the red cross hospital there heather said at the time lucky had the largest field hospital in the world but i need someone to come with me. While i fly the plane. Jane volunteered the the task and in the end. It was decided that the young man's mother should come with us. We'll never describe what we endured on that flight blood continue to run down the floor of the aircraft as we sought to administer morphine and check his vital signs. We felt so helpless at one point. He opened his eyes and his mother went to the site. He had a huge wound onto his arm on. The blood was escaping rapidly. There's duct tape tape in the rear compartment had the yelled from the front and we wrapped the wounded it watching as the bleeding somehow stone five house later we arrived in lucky where the boy and his mother were whisked off to the hospital from the estrin later we happened upon him and and he had recovered though with the loss of the use of his arm heather invited us to the hospitality camp. She ran that just off the single strip rip treating us to a sumptuous dinner and her best room. Even they're exhausted from the flight. She constantly looked out out for others. Heather stewart spent years flying. People like us into some of the riskier situations and on many of those occasions goes to park her plane with us for the night in case something serious where to occur she slept on the ground with us endeared the heat the food food the massive scope of human suffering and the shed grief at the senseless deaths of hundreds of thousands she helped testified slavery assisted others flying in emergency supplies and workers and constantly used lucky cam to assuage the pains wins heal the wounds and recover the spirits hatha tried to stay neutral in her opinions about the conflict to avoid getting caught up in the causes but she admits to flying medevac for wounded guerrillas when called upon i always carry a jar of vick's <music> smelly chest rob with me she said am i put a little in each nostril. The stench of gangrene can be overwhelming and a small plane. It's dangerous flying. It's quite a buzz really add much rather do that than fly a bunch of tourists to look at lyons the one thing she wouldn't do was deliver weapons possibly as a result of her decision as dried up cited the money and the company shrank back down but have kept flying. You wanna her efforts. The missionaries brought to rome for a private audience audience with john. This protestant woman of dubious morals a multiple marriages knelt and kissed the pontiff spring to cover her basis. We laughingly admitted she later flew the archbishop of canterbury on tour of south sudan the dying peacefully of leukemia in her home in kenya nearly a year erica h seventy she left many full of admiration nations and the world is a sad place without her and another great plain tale. Thank you captain nick well. Thank you to jersey being left on team for the great suggestion because i had never heard of <hes> all-weather heather and <hes> you know as i dug go into how story and it wasn't easiest story <hes> to research this one i ended up to buy book because there was a single chapter in there which had an account <hes> all <hes> and i thought well that's it's worth spending the money just to you get that little piece that will give me more detail of hunt life but she sounds like an unlikely character to do that sort of thing being but ideally suited to it because i suspect that with her flying skills which were on her commonsense and her drive <hes> and fearless approach to life in kenya and more importantly in the sudan somalia malia during that awful complex <hes> she did an awful lot of good <hes> and regardless of what sex she was she was a fantastic bush bush pilot and much admired so when i found out about her life i really <hes> took an interest and belt..

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