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It's eight oh four I'm sherry Glaser with KCRW news Orange County supervisors have approved a settlement of a pair of federal lawsuits over controversial decision to clear a homeless encampment from the Santa Ana river bed last year is KCRW's Darryl Samson reports the Selma gives the homeless a reprieve from anti camping laws except in certain areas the agreement approved in a closed meeting of the board of supervisors creates two zones one in which transients can be arrested immediately and another that requires law enforcement first to do outreach and try to move them into shelters the restricted areas where homeless people can be immediately arrested include John Wayne airport flood control channels and high risk wilderness areas but the settlement prevents the sheriff's department from enforcing anti camping laws in nine southern Orange County cities that they patrol unless deputies provide homeless people with some alternative to sleeping outdoors supervisor into dough called the settlement an important step in the county suffered to build a system of care and a broader response plan for the homelessness crisis advocates for the homeless sued the county last year to stop a move to clear out hundreds of people living along a stretch of the Santa Ana river since then under orders from U. S. district judge David Carter the county is open new shelters and stepped up health services for people living on the street for Casey are W. I'm Darryl sats meant LA county supervisors are pushing to hire more social workers in the antelope valley this comes after four year old boy named know what quattro died earlier this month in Palmdale his parents took note to the hospital after they say he almost drowned in a pool but the hospital discovered signs of trauma not related to drowning and police have opened an investigation and they have been questioning know as parents LA county's department of child and family services had received calls from people concerned about the boys well being this is not the first time the agency's been criticized for losing a child under their watch no it's great grandmother hired attorney Brian Claypool who condemned DCFS for allowing no were to be returned to his parents at two years old doctor calls in and says this little boy's starving to death and miss spineless heartless agency sends out little boy back into the dungeon and now we're planning a funeral over the last several years to other young boys also died in there and low valley homes in spite of calls to DCFS California is one of eight states plus the district of Columbia that allow dying people to request a lethal medication to end their lives new data released by the state health department says almost ninety percent of people who use the long California are white that's partly because minority patients are less likely than white people to have access to hospice another end of life care Kim Callanan is with the national nonprofit compassion and choices she says other areas of the community need to know what's available the information that's written right now is right primarily for the white audience we need to have messages the materials that will resonate given the culture and the community that were trying to reach but they're also philosophical differences in other ethnic communities that often do not embrace the idea of end of life care physicians are not required to give patients the legal drugs but advocates want them to share more guidance about the law you're listening to KCRW it's eight oh seven it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm no well king good morning the house of representatives did what a lot of people expected it to do last night for Republicans and one independent joined every Democrat in the house in voting to condemn president trump's racist tweets from the past weekend in those tweets president trump told for US Congress women to go back to where they came from three were born in the U. S. and all of them are citizens joining us on the phone now is a senior member of the house U. S. representative Tom Cole is a Republican from Oklahoma good morning Sir Hey good morning to you so you were one of the few Republicans who openly criticized the president's comments do you think they were racist now I don't I think they were inappropriate and offensive but again I don't think they were racist why don't you think they were racist right because I simply don't I don't think I don't think the president is a racist I think that was one of the reasons why the the by the very ill advised resolution broke down safely along party lines it over reached and frankly you know was a bipartisan sat up as opposed to being a serious and thoughtful discussion about a problem when you could teach the president's comments will you critiquing them for in that event well first of all I don't think you ever tell anybody to go back where they're from in America almost all of Americans are from someplace else it's not an appropriate thing and second I just thought that you don't you also don't question anyone to an American citizen you are an American were the were born someplace else or not so I think that implication bothered me a great deal and I just thought it was an appropriate way to talk to any American let alone for American should middle acted by their fellow Americans to represent them in Congress you just don't think it was racist now I don't currently I also think that if you you have to remember your to theirs we've had colleagues routinely call down by presiding officers for using inappropriate language for the president we've had people that have said the federal workers are you a running concentration camps we've had people that have said if you support Israel you do it for the money we've had people that have first forward to the president with vulgar after faction said they're going to impeach him none of those people were subject to resolution so the double standard here in terms of accepting comments on your own side of the aisle and criticizing essentially sim would you know others white sticker simmering on other is just you know it's breathtakingly inappropriate listen is here to see those people are not the president of the United States they are members of the same rules of decorum so this idea that it's okay for everybody but the president to say something I don't go with that look I think the rules of behavior and procreate language pride equally to everybody condition the president will likely hit some type of nerve along these lines again possibly soon are you comfortable with the Republican Party having to come to either defend or to cry the president's words again and again I think people have to make their own individual decisions about that I don't see this as a the Republican Party doing something I see it as individual members elected officials reacting so would I change the language of the present I work but when I change the language of my democratic colleagues again routinely call down by presiding officer on the floor on the floor which is actually a place that has a much higher standard of what's acceptable at the speaker found out yesterday you know again if you're going to do this you have to be willing to do it to everybody and I don't spend a lot of time quite frankly commenting on what other people say is if you do that you're not going to be saying anything you're just gonna be commenting on other people's comments so better to keep your head down do you work all right but when the president makes these remarks are they don't do much to add to his base in the country this diverse we know that I ease this is a losing strategy that he's pursuing well how far out you know a lot of people thought he was pursuing a Louise losing strategy in two thousand sixteen and he prevail so we'll find out about that but if you're asking me what I prefer the language be more traditional more presidential I would and do I think that would be helpful to him politically I do because I think sometimes gets in the way of a very good economy a very good record on deregulation very good effort to rebuild the matter the American military has a lot to that I think you could point to that sometime just sort of rhetoric can distract from when I was little political guy I regret that I'd rather focus on the substance because I think it's a winner for the press we talk to former Republican representative Ileana ros Lehtinen a couple months ago as she left office she was the first Latina elected to Congress and she told us if the Republican Party fails to attract more diverse people it's just gonna lose a whole generation limply which he said we need to pay attention to the changing demographics of our country and we have not been attuned to that we've been appealing to one certain section of of America is she right conger I think she makes a very good point and certainly the point about appealing to diverse groups is absolutely critical America frankly it always has been but it's even more so today and you know again I don't think that was certainly proof President Bush or many of our members so but the point is it is an important point for Republicans to think about and fortunately there are conservatives in every racial or ethnic group in America but you've got a welcome them and you've got to bring them and and you've got a you know show them that their values are your values so when you fail to do that yeah you pay a political price for inappropriately so representative Tom Cole Republican from Oklahoma thanks so much Tim at mac covers Congress for NPR he's in studio with me Tim what stood out to you from that conversation what the congressman as seem to suggest that Democrats on a routine basis make equally offensive comments as the president did over the weekend I think Democrats would say that that misses the the whole point of what was so uniquely offensive about what the president said Democrats don't typically I I'm I'm not aware of any Democrats having told the president to go back to where he came from and that's because people with the president's racial background don't get told things like that does the very nature of why this the these comments were racist over the weekend and I think that's what Democrats would say our leaders in both parties comfortable with the outcome of last night's vote is going to move anywhere yeah Republican leaders in the house were were very quick to say that they did not think that the president was racist or that his comments were racist and they were as you could tell by the results of the vote yesterday unified against the democratic resolution in Paris to mac covers Capitol Hill Tim thanks so much thanks a lot some other news now president trump's new rules on asylum are causing anxiety and confusion among the people affected this new role went into effect on Tuesday it means that most migrants cannot seek asylum at the US border unless they have already asked for asylum in one of the countries that they crossed on their way to the United States that means that many people fleeing Central America might end up having to ask for asylum in say Guatemala which has to prepare to deal with tens of thousands of asylum seekers your centers carry cot Jose Jonathan Escobar is one of the four hundred refugees now working their way through Guatemala's.

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