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Our our friends wife's cohen mrs cohen said about the music and it's just it's corning schmaltzy song and dance and she loved it so i can't help you very sorry behalf we must say that it has not only founded audience but it has legs it continues to you know it's been out couple of months irresistible jeff shane i would just say this i think we're i think we're well we're veering towards your your wife i'm just going to say and i say says the guy who's not married in this room just agree with your wife my husband's happy wife talk so there you go i have got to see that movie though at one final one this also from overseas hello arch and mark i just wanna say thank you for the whitton wisdom provided each week i think it's more whitman wisdom of listening since episode one and even listen while traveling from october through january i was living in malaga spain of rent podcast while also enjoying a late breakfast or afternoon topless i made a quite a few friends during my stay in spain but one in particular is a film buff from the uk actually more than film bus he's a masters in film studies but i told him his education would not be complete until he reads and those are the most scared of because he's going to see all the way through all my just send it to him he's to me rooting for manchester city as if i don't see enough stress in my life.

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