President Trump, White House, Congressman Cummings discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Top of all of that still deriving from those same felonies now tonight, congressman Elijah Cummings. The estimable chairman of the house oversight committee in the house has just published. These nineteen pages of notes, some of them are typed. A lot of them are reducted. Some of them are hand scrawled and very hard to read. These are notes from the office of government ethics congressman Cummings has released these notes he has also released to the public a letter to Trump organization lawyer also released to the public another letter that he has sent to the new White House. Council. Those letters demand information related to those hush money payments, and those letters make the explosive allegation that it's not just Michael Cohen that two additional Trump lawyers one who worked in the White House and another lawyer who represents Trump in a personal capacity. She was actually the one who orchestrated that stunt during the transition where Trump sat there by the big piles of papers and supposedly handed over control of his business to his sons, the lawyer who orchestrated that in another lawyer who lurked worked in the White House, according to Elijah Cummings tonight, they may themselves be in trouble for making false statements about those hush money payments, quote, new documents obtained by the committee from the office of government ethics. Describe false information provided by the lawyers representing President Trump, including Sherry Dillon. President Trump's personal attorney and Steven pass Tino. Former deputy White House counsel for compliance and ethics who has now left the White House to represent the Trump. Organization. President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen is now going to prison in part for his role in these hush money payments during his guilty plea. Mr. Cohen said he did this in coordination with and at the direction of the president for the principal purpose of influencing the election..

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