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And traffic lights fixed on highway 92 east of I 5 75, but still seeing some delays their trouble team graphic 95.5 WSB radio is only five day forecast Huge Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nous cloudy with scattered showers and storms as we head through this evening with locally heavy rain, gusty winds, of course cloud to ground lightning. A few showers possible overnight near Wednesday morning, down to 71. Will be cloudy with showers and storms likely tomorrow. Rain Chance 60% and a high of 84 on Thursday, some dry air starts to move in will be partly cloudy, just a 20% chance of a stray shower. Best timing for that. Rain chance on Thursday will be early at low 68 High 83 with the clearing sky in the afternoon. Sunny with low humidity and comfortable on Friday Low 62 high 84 I'm a five day forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Mostly sunny, warm and dry. Saturday will start at 63 top out at 87 Sunday. Mostly sunny, low 63 high 88. We can't be the forecast for this evening. Scattered showers and thunderstorms, with temperatures falling back into the low eighties into the low seventies By Wednesday morning, I'm Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Knits 95.5 wsb 80 degrees at 5 39. I'm Chris Chandler 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk. Hi, everybody. This is Zoe Saldana, and you're listening to the market. Arum Shell. 5 39 21 in front of six o'clock Mark Arum and the bananas that your beck and call till seven PM coming up in exactly 30 minutes. Little Sanjay and would you rather and if your commute ends Don't worry. You can continue to listen. The show in your house with your smart speaker to say play 95.5 WSB continuing our coverage of the sad conversation. The sad story at a Griffin Spalding. Two bus drivers in a ma and a bus monitor passed away, leaving the school system. No option to move to virtual learning starting tomorrow through the end of the week. We're continuing with Jim was a bus driver in Spalding County..

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