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On this Saturday morning Dave Lennon of Newsday about an hour from now we'll talk to him and we've got Jodi Mack end Gary Myers a two o'clock this afternoon to do a little bit more football along with the baseball stories of the week and and get reaction and try to try to move forward with a positive attitude right that's what we're all trying to do math in Connecticut up next on the fan I'm at authorities say what's gonna first off I could just say that the you know the whole Astros G. that they offer I'll be off to the I don't know if it's really gonna turning off the baseball I think it's an interesting enough I'm sorry that this is going to keep us talking about it through the winter and keep us doing in the spring to be honest with you I was wondering if you could speak to because I don't I don't really know this world very well I don't I don't put money on sports or anything a few times I've done and I have been very good at it so I probably send up losing my shirt with prop betting instead sports betting becoming much much much more acceptable than it was even just a couple years ago I will get a situation like that then I think well who who stand to benefit from something like this like you like you talk about Black Jack maybe it's not a guarantee but the odds are chip just a little bit right in the platters favor what about and I haven't heard much about it probably because nothing's come out officially yet what what stopping somebody like an intern or you know a little little front office guy or even that that that club house the person who's who then on it maybe the guy banging the garbage cans so what's stopping somebody like that from taking that little bit of an advantage that they now Kane and now benefiting from it nothing nothing it seems like you're in the guy making fifteen million I mean he's not really attentive eyes per se correct but by making fifty grand how long do you think it is still something like that start to come out not long back that's a very good point one that was considered at the time was considered by the league's but they'll always take the money and you make a very good point that is unpleasant for people the the publicity and the back and forth and you know some people believing that this is limited to you know the Astros in the red Sox another people believing that more than half the teams do it in you know the different ways in a really the focus on the after the red Sox is more because they've won then because they're the only ones and you're all in tight I mean I have no idea you know I have no idea what it shocked me that the Yankees cheated or the Mets cheated or the no course not of course not but when your the problem you have right double edged sword more people are watching and when you get into a extra inning game and it looks like you're cheating of course of course you're going to take the brunt of it were no one cares of the Orioles cheat I mean of course that's the way it is you know that that's not going to change but you make a good point that most people be ready for opening day most people will put this behind them and it does keep the game alive in the offseason so your point is it's not all bad even though it seems like it is and you're probably right about that your second point about people being able to cheat lower level people from a gambling standpoint is obviously real as well you know you can bet on the length of time the national anthem will take right we are what kind of goofy I mean there's all kinds of goofy right this Prabhat prop bets on everything yeah and you got a feel like it could be manipulated or there are individual people because of their status within an organization or a bowl game or a who knows what have much greater odds of being correct then the average person I mean I may have heard the person because they do the microphone work at the stadium they might have heard the person rehearse the national anthem and then a bet it's going to be under to all five because I heard it only took a one fifty seven you know I mean so the temptation is always going to be there we admit that and the opportunity is always going to be there one way or another to cheat and I think that's why some people aren't as offended because they feel like this is always you know it's always there and my point is fine but you don't have to like it you can admit that they're gonna find a way to cheat from Adam and eve on you can admit that it doesn't mean you have to like it doesn't mean you can't rail against it just means in the end many of us will do what I call the Americans number one exercise and that is the shoulder shrug how well shrug your shoulders and move on politics government sports business cheats will move on and.

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