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On koa news radio koa newsradio time is four thirty one fell around a democrat michael bennett blasted the president and republicans for their health care proposal today bennett says the senators voting on things that aren't even written down about read the bill the bill the written down the paper so we can read on the senate floor did a bennett also claimed president trump has no idea or interest about what actually is then the republican healthcare bill he's been a lot of tension between natural area cities and the federal government about illegal immigrants bolder says that the sanctuary city in denver sent ice a letter saying agents are not to interfere with courts are schools but ice acting director tom home in today's made it clear that they consider all illegal immigrants to be criminal dap sending this message that if you don't commit another crime the and the crimes committed when came to this country that it's okay to be here is novel to be here illegally is not okay to violate losses country we're gonna force law the department of justice said this week that sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with immigration agents will no longer be eligible for federal grant that support local law enforcement let the competition a quarterback began for the denver broncos head coach vance joseph had his evaluation of day one of depth bronco was training camp as paxton lynching trevor simeon can keep that the starting job noble guys were anchor man you know of the huddle you know if the communication was pretty shore the concepts with air obviously verses are guys and red zone is tough because those thethese don't backpedal but i thought it was really the price for the first time off the cab today's morning session ended early but coach joseph said the team got everything they needed to get done at eleven am rookie demarcus walker had to leave early due to issues with the heat otherwise the team finished the morning session healthy they too of broncos training camp opens to the fans at uc health training centre tomorrow morning at nine thirty with the.

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