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In holes invoicing yes not from australia from new zealand new zealand kiwi yes hey you going on how you doing do saw up with back to the show it's so good to see you when i listen to accent i have to which one of you is talking now let me is you dirk doesn't see into lot walk me at all mowing that's how you lies you just start saying their accent that you take their wallet and they take their identity that's how it's yeah that's of course how would start exit while it identity well throat punch also throw punch a given sure so that doesn't have to be in the instructions right so chris good to see you this crispus name k we increase oh sorry kiwi it's so good to see you this jerk thirsty grandchildren since the last time i since the last time i saw you about two years ago no well rudy and i have been in the speed force for three years and it just it took a millisecond here but we became best friends hostal in the speed falls minutes before yappy the mom thing maybe early where we will exit dental into dimensional trivial brought a full in holes in a discover things that's mark thing brought feeling the whole feeling to the speed force it was an awesome if it'd beat tight and then come out how long were you in the speed many times realatively well yeah yeah how many holes do you lot of very clumsy beat of a clumsy mean you sorted as you were walking in here i noticed luckily there were no holes in the floor here all in all but let me tell you used to fill in the hole and guess what i discovered what's that all thirty and kim lot are thirty and kimeli kimball kimmel walk lean salat greenvag merlin.

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