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There isn't any. Dodger Stadium did some changes over the weekend to make the neighbors happy. And the testing resumes all that doing way traffic and so bad they're they're saying this might be the largest testing place, maybe even in the nation. It is it is, and they just the traffic is is bad as you would think it would be going through people's neighborhoods all through there, and they've been complaining. So what they should do is contact the folks of Disneyland and I'm serious. I'm not joking here because the folks of Disney have brought have I've done the studies of crowd control better in any place in the world. There are venues that study Disney. They've brought it to a science crowd control. You know, they developed the lines and how long people are in line and where they go. I mean, they understand that, and I'm surprised that they haven't gone to the Disney people and maybe even put grab the Disney executive people that specialize in that too. Run. The crowd control. At Dodger Stadium and other large venues that would involve thinking and planning and actually You're also to be fair. Because this is largely a traffic problem around the Dodger Stadium testing site. You're also stuck with whatever infrastructure exists. You know, Dodger Stadium is not exactly in a great location to give you tons of options to interrupt, but my guess is they can do better. And my guess is that they are not spending enough time and effort to deal with just crowd control. I may be wrong, Incidently. They may bring in a noble Laura yet in lines for all I know about people. Let's take a break will come back. All right, Michael Europe The head of the California Funeral Directors Association, says more trees have been turning away greeting families because there's no space for bodies because of the cove in 19 surge. About a dozen senators are apparently going to challenge the electoral college.

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