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Tuning maybe even a major overall with the police so you feel like policing is better and what they do how they're they're they're overseen and other interactions are consistent with whites and people of color what do you think specifically should change in that area in your city well the great thing about the policies that the work that we've done for the past few years like I said already George Floyd murder in on the pricing because it in just another the next page and a long history of policing in America that has been had had systemic racism and hostility at its root my grandfather could have told you about that story his grandfather credits on your part that story and the truth is I got I grew up getting pulled over either on a roll star athletes students on the during the my local high school I got I got I grew up getting pulled over everything and then the son of a police officer I grew up getting pulled over sometimes so I give respect to a box for some insane reason they clearly had absolutely nothing to do with the way that I was driving and so you know when you have that pattern you know that that that means we have the ability to years ago to start this work as the rest of the country look that same way you know we gotta think rethink our use of force policies well we did that back in two thousand eighteen and the first a hundred day the my ministration with the leadership of our police chief Todd Axtell now we completely rewrote our use of force policies include all the things that we're seeing on Twitter people say that that that need to be a part of those things that we've done immensely read designed our canine unit and the role of the deployment for our canine unit as we see those officers who failed to intervene artifacts tell last year fired five officers for failing to intervene in an assault in progress I think those things are really important and this I think cuts to the core of how we do policing in our community I it's about how we hire I'm of the firm belief that if you have to train someone not that took a knee on someone else's knack for nine minutes they don't belong imagine a gun in the first place so it's about how we hire who we hire where they come from how they know our neighborhood cutting gauger talk it's about it is about how we train them and I think I think Paul officers have gotten really good at de escalation we're not perfect we await the girl getting very good at the escalation it's about how we fire officers so that our officers in our community now when officers betray our public trust they will be held accountable for it and it's about how we're transparent with community so that they don't need it because we don't even think that people are getting away with these types of crimes against our neighbors over and over and over again with impunity last thing here the Merritt St Paul it's in Ramsey county when he got to the loose orders to start you can start on a read a couple graphs eight minority Ramsey county correction officers have filed discrimination charges with the state's department human rights after they were barred from guarding or having any other contact with former Minneapolis police officer their children we just were talking as children arrive all offices color ordered two separate floor and a supervisor told one of them because of the rice they would be a potential liability around children according to a copy of the racial discrimination charges obtained by the Star Tribune when you saw that story how did you react and and how do you react now I wouldn't I would hope that all of our reaction to that story in the plane like that have to be investigated if that's proven to be true and then that is a disgusting example of you know systemic racism on top of that they make racism to tell those that you need to tell most professionals who serve our community day in and day out every single day at their career and they're calling to tell them that they're incapable of doing their job professionally they're incapable of mall of providing customers with respect literally because of the color of their skin that is the problem and so you know that's something I think they need to be needs to be followed through with a completely whoever was responsible everyone who was responsible for issuing are enforcing that that border I need to be held fully accountable and I'll tell you just as I say with the you know the doctors just an apology does not matter we have to know people lose their job over that look I I'm I'm at the city so I don't get to make that decision and as more and more facts come to bear on that and that's certainly something that I'll be watching to see but like I said there has to be accountability if there's no accountability for the active thing well then we're saying our government leaders are culpable there were countless is in manifesting into catchy waiting those same systems they keep predicted the resulting in the negative outcomes in particular for our community the color and more specifically for our bracket lacking around and stuff I always appreciate coming on Melvin thanks so much appreciate it thank the mayor of Saint Paul Melvin Carter Adam rejoins us we wrap up the show in minutes Chad Hartman okay so are you the type of guy the ones look put together but doesn't want to spend hours at the mall finding new clothes so you can look great at the office on the road or even just on the weekend with friends and family.

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