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News. I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm Ari Shapiro. The Koven 19 Vaccines now in development, have very strict storage requirements, including being capped it super cold temperatures. So how the shots be kept cold during shipping and who gets first access to the vaccine. NPR's Ping Guang has been looking into plans for getting a future vaccine from the manufacturer into the arms of willing people, And she's with us now hyping Harry. So let's start with those super cold requirements. How does the vaccine that needs to be stored in really cold temperatures get moved across the country in the world? Yeah, well, it depends on which vaccine we're talking about the tea vaccines that are the first furthest along in clinical trials. Both have to be kept cold, but to different degrees, So one is made by the drug company Pfizer, and that requires the coldest storage and he's kept it minus seven degrees Celsius, which is Close. The temperature of dry ice and visor has spent some $2 billion building their own global supply chain. So here in the U. S. They have an assembly center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where Will be packing vaccine vials into dry ice pods and these pods will be loaded into boxes that can keep these ultra cold temperatures for up to 10 days, and they'll be moved around the country in cargo planes and trucks by carriers like UPS and FedEx. Now the modern A vaccine requires storage at minus 20 degrees Celsius, which is comparable more to a home freezer and that one would get distributed by the government, at least at first, so Madonna will get the vaccines to a government site. And from there, the government will work with a private contractor to get the vaccines out. Two locations like Hospitals, pharmacies clinics wherever there requested by states. Okay, so moving from temperature to distribution. How are these vaccines going to be allocated to each state? Well, the government says that they'll be providing them to states for free and governors have been asking. Well, How are you going to figure out how much each state gets.

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