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Last thirty years do you just take the high ron lose one probably but don't be surprised saying if you that guy that starts runners mouth don't be surprised that gets new face last one speaking of the cubs is this anything the chicago cubs gave steve bartman a world series championship ring now mind you the ring is said to be worth street value of seventy thousand dollars it consists of two hundred and fourteen diamonds mark and there are one hundred eight white diamonds that surround the logo the signify the one hundred and eight years in between titles but freaking steve bart remind everybody who bartman is steve baartman was the fan that interfered with the foul ball back in the two thousand three national league championship series our whole season basically whether it comes thought they were going to earth then and then he tries to catch a foul ball moi's this a lou the outfielder gets all mad and next thing you know steve bartman as a thing but he gets a ring yeah what about all of the ends the didn't luhn entire season do they get range do you get re were the house my ring and here's the thing about this this the funniest thing is the steve bartman issued a statement saying thank you for the ring hopefully be bookable mike's variance blablabla uh notice he didn't not accept the ring he couldn't get yeah he took the ring right i've watched thirty nine years of horrible baseball in my life i never screwed up a game where's my ring ernie banks was mr cub steve bartman has the ring and he doesn't man ernie banks in herri kerri ann and ron santo they're rolling over in their grave right now sandler do you think bartman should have got a ring yeah improved couples why piecing mobile news all the level of the go i got one imitation fifty bucks them who navy mostly cloudy and eighty seven degrees it'll be mostly sunny and back in the 80s tomorrow i'm sitting in lear here's what's trending 530 not even quite two weeks after it was announced the job was his anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director her fox's mike emanuel and capitol hill with reaction from congress telefoni democrat adam schiff tweeting a.

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