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Now. The article says the polls journey on a tractor trailer which organizes call the red road to dc involves. A two weeks trick led by a dozen people. Many of whom are natives and members of the lemme nation hate that word members citizens of the lemme nation a tribe of five thousand members west of bellingham washington state the tribe along with support from dozens of nonprofit groups museums and other tribes and sponsors has raised about one hundred and thirty thousand dollars for the cross country trip now to prepare for the journey. The group took the poll on a tour this spring along the west coast and parts of the south and i think that was great. I'm glad they did that. And the group will hit the road again in mid-july arriving at the nation's capital by july the twenty ninth. The poll will be on display for two days on the mall and outside the entrance of the national ziam of the american indian again. It's my wish that it is positioned on the white house lawn somewhere so america can see it. Native organizers said they planned to and i quote deliver the poll to the biden administration in hopes that it gives a strong and important message in quote so they're making arrangements to find a permanent home for it in dc. The organizers have said now on the road trip they plan to stop at several spots import of importance to native apps including chaka canyon national historic park in new mexico. The standing rock reservation in north dakota and bears sierra national monument and utah ram each of those places as we know faces threats of development tied to natural resources are pipelines. Let's let's hope some of those folks that may happen to see the totem have a change of heart. About pushing their agenda to put pipelines and above the earth. The article goes on to read for jewel. Prang wolf james elimination elder and the master carber of the poll is a reminder of the promises that were made to the first people of this land and waters. He said that he hopes that. And i quote. We all share a safe guard. The sacred sources of life earth water and sky for generations to come in quote. Sir that's my hope is well now. The idea for the poll came from pretty lane pronounce their right to different smelling for freddie p. h. r. e. d. d. I e. lame elimination citizen. He said he is. And i quote proud of how strongly natives have come out to vote and swing states in the last. Us presidential election and he wants the new administration to hear message of concern about problems. The article uses the word issue problems important to native natives and in particular worries about sacred sites being harmed again. I'm hoping the poll is is is welcomed as a gift with humility. And we say that's my hope humility and grace. The article goes on to say. And i quote from mislaying or mr lehne mr lane. It is a very historic moment. To bring it to dc and to have it said among the sacred national monuments representing native american peoples. It's special lane said now. White house officials said friday. They are aware of the totem. Pole's jerry need to washington the totem pole carving a tradition for some tribes mainly in british columbia and the us pacific northwest. So many people think that totem poles are synonymous with all natives. And that's not true and they'd just read search tradition for some tribes mainly in british columbia. And the us pacific northwest. They are often said to be a spiritual being and are considered sacred symbols of a tribe clan or family. Tradition expert said when who these experts are for the lemme nation. Totem poles historically are carved with symbols that represent a certain clan of tribe or show a family or tribes lineage. They can have scenes that depict an important tribal leader or might have a panel that shows a tribal battle or story toll for generations. James says quoting they represent visions dreams and stories that are handed down and shaped to throw each generation in quote standing twenty five feet tall and measuring about forty three inches wide. The totem pole. That's coming to. Dc was made from a four hundred year old western red cedar tree while the tree was cut carved and painted with images and symbols that include a moon salmon and demand praying one drawing shows an eagle headed downward and dive to the earth representing alumnae belief that the eagle is bringing the spiritual power to impregnate the mother earth. The poll contains an image of a woman with a girl kneeling near her at seen meant to depict grandmothers across the country where raising and teaching their granddaughters. Traditional eight of ways seventy years are near the image which represents seven generations of native people throughout the world who have been traumatized by the treatment they have received from non-indians. Another area of concern contains a red hand to bring attention to the hundreds of indigenous women who are murdered or go missing each year. The james group called the house tears. Carver's spent three months this year working on the poll. They put a lot of work in a lot of their heart and soul into this. The group has created one hundred ten totem poles over three decades that range from three feet to twenty eight feet most are given to schools homes for veterans or other places in washington. State others recognized tragedies like the september eleventh two thousand one terrorist attack thirteen foot totem pole at congressional cemetery. Dc onerous victims who were at the pentagon that day.

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