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And i met her in the seventies and she was telling me about this one role that she was famous for him. And i don't even know. What was 'cause i'm not in that particular area of performance so i just knew her as a wonderful person who contacted me about her your death experience but she was internationally renowned for her part and she was telling me she said raymond she said this night that i walked off the stage after this wall had been playing for many years and she said and then about several years later i had a near death experience and she said the closest why i can describe my near death experience to you if she said. It was like that night that i walked off stage after playing that same role for so many years and have heard the same kinds of things from other actors and actresses who've had near death experiences. They used that very kind of analogy. That this thing we're in it's kind of a role and that's not all of us but that we get so immersed in it because life comes at erie length. Leslie like i was saying. And how reflective do you want to be a main in the sense that i've spent my life kind of been philosophical thinker and that's fun for me you know. I can't distinguish between my work and my fun. You know i mean to me just the most fun thing to do for the average day you know depart from my family. of course. that's the reality there. But i mean in terms of the worklife. There's no difference between work and fun. It's like what i like to do. Sit around and think about these things and also there's the realization that comes with that therefore i don't participate as much in this life and i often wondered whether when i get over there i'll look back and say hey you know spent so much time in my life reflecting on what this world will be like like the afterlife all that you know. I didn't really get engrossed in it. But you know there's a certain argument to be made. I guess that to get engrossed in this and watch it. And what i learned from people with near death. Experiences is that it saw okay. You know at the end you know but death is not the horror that we might imagine it to be but you know sometimes people think of death is like going to sleep right like diminishing consciousness but what. I hear from people near death experiences. It's more like waking up than it is going to sleep. And far from diminishing your consciousness. Your consciousness zips over to higher level bank chilean from which this war in just become candid them.

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