Biden, President Trump, Facebook discussed on AM Tampa Bay


500,000 by February. 20th President Biden says he's planning on buying Mork overt vaccine to try and meet demand amid growing complaints about vaccine shortages. The Biden administration this week announcing that states would see a 16% boost in doses next week, But for some, that won't be enough. President by Didn't going further to announce a purchase of 200 million more doses of the Fizer and Madonna vaccines all in order to vaccinate 300 million Americans by this summer, at one point, even suggesting that his vaccination goal could rise to 1.5 million shots a day. Asia. Hasni reporting. The Department of Homeland Security is warning Americans about a nationwide terrorism threat, the bulletin, saying there's a heightened threat across the U. S that will persist over the coming weeks. There's no specific, credible plot. But there was information, suggesting extremists who are mad about the presidential transition could inside violence. Meanwhile, one of President Trump's top deputies has been banned from Twitter. Peter Navarro says it's censorship against conservatives. Meanwhile, the head of Facebook says he's trying to Turn down the heat on political discord, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals during a call to investors. The company will reduce the amount of political content user see in their feed and stop recommending they joined civic or political groups. Facebook continues to face accusations its sensors conservatives and isn't doing enough to curb misinformation. Sucker, Berg says. There's a trend across society that a lot of things have become politicized and politics have had a way of creeping into everything, Adding. A lot of the feedback we see from our community is that people don't want that in their experience. Kristen Goodwin, Fox News president Biden's executive orders on climate change have angered Florida Senators. With Rick Scott and Marco Rubio say they're a step too far. I'm very concerned about the policies because they sound like a checklist of all the dreams of the radical left and that are being put in place by executive order. I'm precedent over 35 at last count in less than a week. Rubio claims the rules will cost jobs. Court documents show that the leader of the far right extremist group, the Proud Boys worked undercover for the city of Miami Police Department Back in 2013 transcripts reveal that 36 year old Henry Enrique Terrio worked as an informant after he was arrested on fraud charges. Former U. S. Attorney Kendall Coffey says If you're in the proud boys, you're pretty nervous. Because if this person was working as a confidential informant, almost like An undercover agent or a secret agent for law enforcement. You wonder what is it that he could be saying about us? Some day, Two days before the right at the Capitol Building. Terrio was arrested in Washington for vandalizing a black Lives matter Banner at a historic black church last December. It may not be the most popular cereal, but its fans are freaking out that it's disappeared from the shelves. Serial fans are complaining breakfast time. Good great knots have gone the way of Clorox wipes and toilet paper before they began to reappear during the pandemic Post confirms they're trying to work through supply constraints and higher demand. Spokeswoman tells USA Today they have no plans to discontinue the 120 year old cereal. Ah, third party salary on walmart dot com Listed a £4 box for $110. Are also overpriced listings on Amazon and eBay. Deborah Rodriguez CBS News, The Buccaneers say they found their Lucky Jersey combination, the team announced it will wear white shirts and pewter pants for the Super Bowl. That's the same road combo Tampa Bay War in their last two playoff wins the team tweeted It's time to make it three in a row. It's 6, 35 and news radio. W F L A Whether it's that had been taken probably 7 800 mg of opioids a day, which is insane Amount. David is in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids. Eventually, my whole life began to unravel. I realized that I needed help and in recovery, I found my purpose. Addiction is a disease of isolation and loneliness. There is a way out..

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