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Because i'm so hungry. Hey everyone it's me lisa. Lillian also known as hungry girl here with my pals jamie and mike. How are you people. Were good how are you good. I'm all smiles today. It's a good day. Here's miles. 'cause i said jamie and mikey change up. I wanna be like all right. Who can predict. When i'm going to say jamie i or murky food foist very excited to be here today. All wound up. Until and i'm hungry i am too. There's good energy today. Aren't you exciting. Yes now because it's one hundred and twelve degrees outside but because we are doing a trader. Joe's hall my favorite like i go to trader joe's now like at least twice a week trader. Joe's is the new mall. It's like that's what you do wanna friday night. You go to trader joe's. it's an activity. It's an exciting event. It's fun eat there. Like right outside. no he's you know. Do you ever open. It's also you can't do that now. Because we're still in the middle of the pandemic. But like i used to shop all the time and people would be like eating out of the car. I mean we used to do it at whole foods. We used to go and sit down have dates when we were first dating. We'd go to whole. Mike would have to buy me like an eighteen dollar salad salad. Bar and my salads are huge. Well it's the that's the thing to do now. Whole foods is like a club. Yeah the new one in sherman oaks. There's like a bar. You could buy the food. cook it for you. It's a hang out this happy hour. What are you doing tonight. I'm going to sushi night at the woodland hills.

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