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A policy that would make it easier to deport illegals in this country is being flooded by the White House. It would make it easier to deport low income immigrants who are dependent on public benefits. The DOJ has written a draft regulation that if it's implemented. It would expand the number of immigrants in the US who could be subject to deportation because they use benefits and we're talking snap. We're talking SSI supplemental social supplemental security income that is given to the elderly and to disabled because some people come here, and they're elderly boom over sixty five who welcome to America temporary. Tamp temporary assistance for needy families section eight housing vouchers, Medicaid benefits, and they're not a lot of times they're not even eligible for these things, but the states will have special programs that will allow them to get some of these permanent legal residents. You know them as green card holders who are dependent on the government for assistance and determined to be a public charge and are are already subject. They are already subject to deportation. But in reality, very fewer ever, actually deported. There's a nineteen forty eight ruling that has restricted those deportations only to immigrants who the government has demanded to pay for public service, but have not done. So so the government has to Bill them for the public services. They're using if they refuse to pay then you can deport them. US law allows for the removal of legal residents who are deemed public charges within the first five years of their admission if their reason for seeking benefits predated there. Entry into the US. So if an immigrant did not disclose a health issue that requires government assistance. They can be deported within five years of their admission. However because of that ruling that nine hundred forty eight ruling that almost never happens because the government doesn't Bill him because who's got that kind of time. Although we Lord knows we have enough bodies in the government, somebody can do it. So this proposal suggested the Trump administration would override that nineteen forty-eight ruling and allow for the removal of immigrants who have taken advantage of public benefits within the first five years of their admission. Now, it's interesting because when my grandparents came to this country that was the rule it was before nineteen forty eight that was the rule they knew that if they if they wound up on any kind of in the first five years of them becoming citizens in this country that they they they could be deported. Do I maybe it was when they became green card holders. But I knew I remember my grandmother telling me about a five year rule, they could get nothing. They had and they had to remain employed. The immigration officer will come around to make sure they were learning English that they could read speak and write English that they had jobs the whole bit. Now, there wasn't as many people to look after immigration immigration could be assigned to a guy and go visit them on a regular basis. You can't do that anymore. There's too many people, but then in nineteen forty eight ruling changed all of that. So that apply to my grandparents, but it doesn't apply any longer with its. But it's just a ruling this plan reportedly in the early stages, and it may not even become official policy. Yeah. I mean, but in this in this falls in line with the Trump administration's. Long preached effort to make immigration about merit. Do you contribute more to the country? Then you take out. It's pretty simple equation. It's a good way to assess whether or not we should add people to the country, but but even that in and of itself is considered sort of bigoted assessment by open borders detractors, who who were like, you know, why are you even assessing the value of somebody? Everybody has value. Every you should let anybody in this country was built by immigrants. You wouldn't be here for wasn't for immigration. How dare you dare? You say say that we should have some sense of who comes into the country. And that's actually that's the real position and the Trump administration and a whole bunch of Americans are screaming back. No. That makes no sense at all. If you're going to have an immigration policy. It should be one that's predicated on some sort of order and structure and reason why are you will be allowing people into the United States, and how many should we allow we just need to get to the point where we have some order to our system right now. It's just disorder and chaos. When need you get to a point where there's actual structure. If you have structure, then you don't have the chaos at the border, and you don't have people streaming into the country illegally. And then you don't have the sanctuary cities and states being able to get more representation in congress and get more money from the federal government. So that's why you want to sorta and chaos. All right. A program that has is being revived by this administration. It was done already is very clear. We're very quiet about it. They reactivated a computer check that will warn employers when they're new employees are likely to be a legal immigrants. This was stopped by President Barack Obama because according MRs according to Breitbart, the little editorial comment, I always like to let you know because they say it was so effective at warning employers. It's called a no match letter. And it warns employers that their employees social security numbers are suspect and it allows the employers to minimize their legal risks by just quietly firing the employee's, according to Jessica Vaughan from the center for immigration studies. She said this is good. Our government knows the name address and place of employment of millions of illegal workers. These jobs should be for Americans and legal workers and visit bring market wages up. And it also helps identify social security numbers that have been stolen by illegals from legal Americans. You want you a lot of people know, their social security number has been stolen. Guess what this helps identify the perpetrator because if you did. Did it or I did we be in jail. So this is short of mandatory e-verify. That's not what says no, it's not. It's a bit of a half measure is that you know, what this social security number that you used for this job in order to get paid that doesn't exactly square. There's something wrong. Either. Either the social security number itself is fictional or it's popped as suspect of me. Somebody has reported it stolen, and this is a way for employers to handle this. Are you happy that they just quietly get fired? I think they should get fired. I think if they stolen someone's social security number they should there should be a legal consequences that do you think the employer or the system should then, you know, begin the process of of. Yes. Well, this actually happened to me. I was working in Texas, I out of college and for a hot second, and I hired people to teach languages, and the Spanish speaker that I was hiring. His I got I got another fixation that his social security number didn't really match. He flat out told me. Yeah. I live in Mexico. But I just go back and forth across the border. You know, I teach here I go back home. I teach here. What like no that's not how it happens. No. So you hired him. Well, how did you know actually met him Henry department just wondering how this ended and lastly, Afghan training pilots in training a pilot program in this country? We've been teaching Afghan attack pilots on there at the Intel and an air force base in Texas that has stopped now. Because more than forty percent of the Afghan air force students enrolled in the training program here in the United States. Go awol. They just disappear. So we've decided that's probably not working. We we've ended that program disorder and chaos afghanis are like, you know, America has at least some order. I'll take that over our country. So you so we've stopped that. So. Yeah. So something old something new something you're going to be tried Trump administration doing a little bit of everything it's five twenty four.

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