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Miami. The ball. Colin. Matures to Andy Simancas would dolphins talk on the fence cider radio network. And boy do we have a lot to talk about including last week as matchup against the Chicago Bears. The latest regarding the dolphins injury report and much more. We start off. I hug about the Chicago Bears and the mammy dolphins football game as mammy dolphins defeated the Chicago Bears. Third you one to twenty eight Brock Osweiler received a phone call from head coach Adam gays informing him that he will be starting against the Chicago Bears as Ryan tannehill. What's eight lays scratch due to a shoulder injury. And is very weird. How this played out the reason why say that is because last week Wednesday. Ryan tannehill was at practice, and he practiced fully also on Thursday. He practice. I fully as well. And then last Friday the injury report came out indicating that Ryan tannehill was limited and then late Saturday night evening. There was a report from five sports network and also three yards per carry indicated I Ryan tannehill was listed as doubtful. And then on Sunday before the match up against the Chicago Bears. We are notify that Ryan tannehill was listed as how and Brock Osweiler will get the star. And let me tell you something this came out of left field piglet. The reason why I say that is Ryan tannehill practice on Wednesday. He also practiced on Thursday. And then Friday he was listed as limited and then late Saturday night evening. We get the report. Four. And then Sunday we find we find out that Ryan tannehill wasn't starting for your Miami Dolphins. So heading into this match up. There was a lot of concerns. Why why there was a lot of concerns was because the backup quarterback Brock Osweiler was going to start against the second rated overall defense in the NFL. So there was reason to be concerned polemic tell you something though, Miami Dolphins were able to get get the job done. Besides things happening. It's a part of the game. You're never going to get a complete game in the NFL. There's always going to be mistakes or errors. So these shows you that this mammy dolphins team was ready to buy. Title against the Chicago Bears. Is specially how before Dora talkable about. Oh Khalil Mack is going to have a field day with the mammy dolphins offense. A you know, why Khalil Mack? Despite an ankle injury that he suffered during the game that dolphins needed to get the job done. I tell you this dolphin fans and Finsider listeners. There's no reason that up that we should feel bad because the opposing defensive star player is injured is not our problem is not the Miami. Dolphins problem what they need to do is get the W because when it's all said and done the only thing that matters is the w the opposing team is not gonna feel bad because you don't have your star player. No. No. No. No. No. No. No, no, no where they are not gonna feel bad for. For the Miami Dolphins. And that's how we need to realize things we need to take under consideration. Because we're always coming up with his skew how to downgrade a great Miami Dolphins victory against a tough Trico bears team and his team just didn't want to give up. There is probably dolphins fans. I saying oh my God. Let's see what happens. The Chicago Bears have a twenty one to thirteen lead late in the third quarter. You have this Chicago Bears at the Miami Dolphins thirteen yard line. I saying goal and what happens interception by TJ McDonnell. This shows you that this Miami Dolphins football team is not gonna give up despite what the experts say. Despite what the fans might think this. Fine. What the opposing team does. And this dolphin team has just not gonna give up. We saw at one day. Fumble went Kenyan Drake had that foam Bill at the one yard line. This Miami offered folk bump team wasn't ready to give up. They understand that they lost Dhammika..

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