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B._T._C. H at checkout you won't regret it okay. We're back all right. Just we say <hes> yeah I think actually when I look back to most of my relationships I think slow with them very very fast so I don't think I in my head. I'm like Oh yeah face it with you right away then that means. I already know we're not going to do anything. I think that's just like a protective thing. 'cause I'm like well if it does. I'm still okay with it but if I feel that it's fine do you. How interesting do you have a healthy relationship with your dad? Yes and I'm around okay. I had no relationship with my mom and and I think if if anyone like mommy issues might be a thing because like I don't know if it's the same or not but like I have a healthy relationship with men I love men. I'm so straight like I love gay men. I WANNA watch game and have sex like I'm all about men. I love meant so much. The West is the least lesbian one in justice violently stretch man. I love so much but yeah I don't know I don't feel like even if I do a ton of self reflecting I don't feel like I was having sex on the first aid because I wanted love so badly. I felt like it was fun and then a lot of relationships came from that to anyway so it's like. I don't know so you're like me. I don't need an emotional to see. I don't do what the most it's from one hundred percent the opposite for us. It's just a physical thing. It's like. It's like going out to party like when you go to party. You have a different energy on you. Go to the club. If you start popping bottles like you're feeling a different way by yourself love. That's the energy that I would be in if I was sleeping with someone like on the first I'm like I feel I feel feel myself. I WANNA fuck. I WANNA like go fucking. Go into this club bathroom and pull my pants down. I would do it so question. Yeah I love it. We support you. This is funny too because I feel like stacy's like the media between like all of us. She's like Fairmont but I want love question her. You like what is sex Rio like. Is it just a good time. Does it feel good. Is it feels good. Wow you go. I mean to you away to express your love it. Yes and it's shouldn't be too you know for real. Do you feel like even when you have sex with the even your current partner. Do you feel like it doesn't matter if I finished as long as I'm giving you my body yes when I was having this for years and nobody I'm smuggled fucking. Nobody like there was no there. There was no orgasm. There was no none of that you know I feel bad for you and never experienced and I bet you so. Many girls can relate because so many girls are probably younger and are like who cares as long as he's enjoying it in my body's being used. It doesn't matter if I feel pleasure yes I do love me. No not my bottle me as a whole. Our experiences of sex are so opposite yeah can make we come. I hope even under one nightstand and I feel that you know and I think that's dope that you have that deep like sense of self love because at the end of the day a lot of us are striving for that because with sex but like in my life like in other ways as I don't think I have a lot of cell phone because I'm self conscious about a lot of things but then when it comes to sex I'm like yeah you're dominate in different could get me do. Let's go slap at your grace bed jess crazy..

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Stacy, Jess, Partner discussed on Hey B*tch!

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