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At 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Frank Hanrahan, who has some big news? Yes, Andy, some breaking news out of the NHL and your Washington capitals as the Capitals have indeed. Fired. Head coach Todd Reardon came down just moments ago cast putting out of releasing it relieved head coach Reardon of his coaching duties at according to senior VP and general manager Brian MacLellan, McClellan, saying in this release that we have higher expectations for our team, we felt a fresh approach and leadership was necessary. Like to thank God for all of his hard work and efforts with our organization. Todd's been a big part of our team for more than half a decade, including our Stanley Cup run in 18 wish him and his family all the best moving forward, Remember, reared and took over after Barry Trotz wasn't retained by the capital's after winning the Stanley Cup two years ago. He watches the 18th head coach in franchise history. 89 46 16 record in two years with Todd Reardon out as head coach of the Washington Capitals, and all the irony, the last game of the coach was against his former boss in Barry Trotz, who Of course, led the Islanders past capitals in the opening round again, Todd Reardon fired his head coach of the capital's nationals and the Marlins coming up at 12 35 splitting the doubleheader yesterday. 54 Nat's took the opening game losers in the nightcap. 53 Birds winners over the Red Sox five, forcing two this afternoon from Camden Yards. MBA playoffs coming up One o'clock We got the Celtics looking to sweep out the Sixers WNBA tonight. Mystics taking on the mercury down the Bradenton bubble and the Washington football teams practice just wrapped up as coach Ron Rivera, his His word of the day was do the right thing or his phrase of the day was do the right thing with capitals Have they done the right thing? They've fired head coach Todd reared and much more as the story breaks throughout the afternoon. Frank Hand randomly Seop Sports. Thank you, Frank. Coming up after a traffic and weather what Americans think about playing politics on social media, particularly on all 11 17 businesses air starting to bounce back. But what if you could do better than that? What if you could adapt,.

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