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That they're looking for a. Bart spokeswoman said the agency cannot. Comment on pending litigation Facebook is well known for how some of its ads are targeted. Towards certain groups of people but now a formal. Complaint filed today by, the US department of housing, and urban development or HUD says when it comes. To housing listings the tech giant's advertising platform violates the fair. Housing act here's HUD spokesman Brian Sullivan and under. Dorm circumstances if we're talking about, clothing, or, shampoo or anything like that that might be just fine but this is housing. And the fair housing act, simply says you can't do that the complaint says. Facebook allows real estate advertisers to select, which users can see their listings based on race religion sex national origin and other discriminatory options he acuity senior Silicon Valley editor Tanya Moseley has been following this and Tanya, these allegations against Facebook are not new but what is this complaint alleging. Will you're right propublica, broke the story back in two thousand Sixteen but this. Newest claim from Hyde says that Facebook allowed advertisers to control which users received housing related ads. Based on all of the categories you mentioned but a couple of examples include adds to women versus men, or parsing out whether or not, person is interested in an assistance dog or mobility scooter. Or not showing, ads to, users that Facebook categorizes. As those interested in childcare or parenting and all of these, according to HUD effectively limits. Housing options under what's billed as targeted advertising so is that, how it violates the. Fair housing act, will yes HUD says it's all unlawful because you cannot exclude people based on race religion, sex, or, disability and, the fair housing act. Also prohibits discrimination in housing transactions, in print and online advertising on the basis, of the categories I mentioned so in, a statement Facebook said it does not tolerate discrimination? On its site and that it would respond To hut in court, and Tanya this, case has already been in court in another state just last month the company signed an agreement with Washington state that says they will not allow housing. Advertisers to exclude users based on race and this comes after the attorney general they are filed a lawsuit after an investigation found that Facebook was micro targeting allowing advertisers to do things like of way targeting adds to certain people so at, the time Facebook denied wrongdoing but it said it was refining its advertising model so now Facebook. Has this formal complaint against them from HUD what comes next? That's. A great question is requesting that Facebook respond to this complaint and from, there, they're really pushing. For there to be changes in the protocol for advertising we could see a lot of litigation also come from this okay. Thank you. Tanya thank you that, was senior, Silicon Valley editor Tanya Moseley and I'm Tiffany Cam high cake you eating Who's. Next up on all things considered an interview with the Pennsylvania Roman Catholic clergy abuse survivor also in the next segment talk. About Tesla's stock and Tesla's CEO Elon. Musk those interviews just ahead. Here on public radio I'm Michael stay ahead on KiKi we'd newsroom one o'clock panelist will discuss the weekend politics and what. A week it's been also to film, buffs will talk about the new romantic comedy crazy. Rich Asians which you've no doubt heard above heard about I. Should say also? You'll hear from the vice president of read it Melissa Tidwell she'll join newsroom to talk about her ideas about moderating hate speech identifying phony accounts in closing. Silicon valley's diversity gap that's this morning at one eighty newsroom. Here, on public, radio, and then. More politics of course on Washington, week with, Robert Costa at one thirty Paul. Manafort verdict Watch on the program the White House. Revokes in director security clearance and is President Trump disrupting the GOP's mid term strategy, hear those, stories on Washington week at one thirty here on, kqed.org public radio Coming up on the next Commonwealth club, program go.

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