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At rob has a website dot com slash patron. That's rob has a website dot com slash patron. Here's the thing when it comes to derrick. We'll talk about this as we go. But if derek eggs and christian were able to work together genuinely work together to the end of the game this would be a steamroll for them. Yeah period but we have to think frenchie frenchie saved from the team because frenchie put a he. He got off to such a bad start. Derek and christian got along in the first two days of the game and then out of nowhere frenchie whole claw made up. Derek exit spreading rumors about your christian and then they were at each other they were. They didn't like each other. They were worried that they were going after each other for like a whole week until they realized friend she was full of nonsense and the relationship never got repaired and so they now have this uneasy. Truce where you know. Christian in eliza are working with derek. Hannah obviously there in the royal. Flush all of that but the relationship has never been the same. They've never been able to really connect christian. Doesn't trust derek. Axe dr geck's doesn't trust christian And they constantly talk about potentially going for each other christian just last week when he was h h brought up. Why aren't we targeting. Derek x we can just do that. And if not for your and eliza chiming in no not yet. We don't want to do that. And i think he might have really seriously considered it Because he has always been worried about this when you know he him. Melissa have always talked about. I people to go from Half the be derek x and kyle and And that's because christian is worried about their ex and how good he is a competitions and has just never fully gotten along with him now if they could reconcile this if they could just get together and actually worked together. I think that they would flat out. Run this game But they can and that's what. That's what cody was so good at right. Cody recognized the competition threats. And he pulled them all in and he said this from the very beginning. You pull all the competition threats in you. Win all the competitions you win the game You don't need to be worried about them because he was unable to set up a structure to take him out at the end so Just an interesting sort of take on this because you know keeping these competition threads from teaming up is is huge for people that are not competition threats. Yes definitely and i mean right now by the makeup of the house. It looks like they've done a pretty good job of keeping them. Apart and i say apart loosely. Because like you said they have been making stuff they have been creating something they are and stuff together. But it's always at a distance and it's never very close like derek x does and christian in order to work this out and be a big thing. They would need the level of connection that derek x has with kyle or derek x has with chato or x has with Tiffany and they're not even close. They're not even close to that at all. And i do think that the other people around him have done a very good job of keeping them separate of preventing them from happening. Yes she did. Throw that lie in. But i think everyone else's done a good job of constantly making sure they pull him close and they keep enough space in between the two where they can't put the two and two together and it helps that everyone is so self interested that they recognize to you know not let this happen potentially and to keep them more as enemies than as friends because friends again. The staff speak for themselves. It would be a nightmare for anybody else to deal with so so the night goes on kylie is going to talk to derrick ex again. Kind of you know. Do his sort of vague. Kyle talk where he is encouraging. Derek x again to sort of like you know. Do you want what's best for your game. And you know christian is what's best for your And he gives them some advice about like you know like being wage like when i was h h. I did this the old. I do like this actually said to derrick a one more. Enjoy the cameras and derrick. Oh yeah camera. Surveillance governor the live. Feed cameras there on you. You can just give them your thoughts and they'll always come on you. Thank you thank you kyle and derek. X has not been camera soccer. So hopefully you have encouraged him to be one Because quite frankly they're gags needs to be a little bit more of a camera talk a little bit less of a people talker sometimes. He's he can be a little too honest about his his thoughts with people at times So if you could get some of that out to the cameras instead of two other people That that could be good So i appreciated that from derrick. Derrick x took the advice by going. I activate h listen to music. He's very excited for his music. He's got i believe he said he had asked for late. Registration by konya so decent album could album. I'm and i think derek would be someone that would benefit with the the self stewing of ideas marination of ideas thinking about them but then speaking them help you voice them out just like any other thing. If you're doing a speech practice your speech. And i think by talking to the cameras not only would he give us insight which would be great. Not only do. I think he'd be very good at it but also it would allow him to potentially find type five he needs for the conversations he will have and figure out what needs to be kept to himself. What needs to be given to other people all right. So that's that's really most of the night here. They're going to be a couple of other conversations here. There collins gonna talk sarah beth because after he leaves the h. wage. Tiffany is gonna go up and he's like tiffany's you know not not doing something weird. She's probably just saying the same thing you were saying Oh yes we did.

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