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Because there was no IMDb in that I just realized recently all that time was in a relationship with Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell, I wish I'd known, if I had, I wouldn't have known what to add, because I didn't know Joseph gamble. But interesting people. I somehow came upon, you know, tried to be as receptive as I could. So that's the first job stalker Channing. I'll bet you admire her. But you enjoy her. She was a fantastic. She was in it. I played for an audition for her that she went. But she was great. We went to places in New York with a group of people that were just great. It was an extension of that my feeling at Carnegie Mellon university and a chatham. You know, I was just hungry for and ready to be darn wound up in groups that were really interesting and nourishing. So that's the first job. I go to L granted a Coca-Cola, the second job right around that time. I get signed up for the first movie and Michael winner and Charles Brunson in this movie, death wish. Michael winner was a known screamer and a kind of, you know, not as highly esteemed as one of the great art cinema artists of our time, I think it's fair to say, but he in the first scene that I was doing yelled at me and said, we were just rehearsing the camera shot with me and two other bad guys. We were lurking up these stairs. Then he's yelled at the top of his voice in front of everybody. Goldblum start acting now. Which doesn't see which seems like, but I'll tell you, it's a nugget. If you receive it in the right way, it's a pretty good nugget of learning and inspiration. Just start acting. It's not bad. Anyway, you know, you're ripe. Soon I came across Robert Altman, who my gosh, a pillar of, you know, if they're not nobody else ever happened, he was a pillar of a model, an exemplar of artistry and originality and beauty and loveliness and great. So I was just a few. One thing kind of apropos of just being here at the Hollywood Roosevelt. And I think we all take for granted when we're in LA, the experience for people of coming here for the first time and you're talking about growing up in Pittsburgh and being in New York. LA like what was your experience of coming here? Was it always on your radar to end up in LA and what was it like to be here when you first got here? How'd you find community? It wasn't on my radar. I had no I've never been as I stole them not particularly strategic or I don't know where things are leading necessarily. But what happened was I'd never been to Los Angeles in my life and I was in el granted to Coca-Cola and Robert Altman. I didn't even know the saw the show because there was a snowstorm and he had to change his plans and saw it. He called, I was in my village apartment, the phone rang, and they said, this is the casting director from Robert Alden. We saw you in that show. We'd like you to do this movie, California's split. Okay. Miraculous call, really, and they said, okay, we made arrangements. They sent me the script. I flew on a plane to Los Angeles and Scotty Bushnell has this casting person and producer picked me up at the airborne. I'd never seen it before, and she drove me to Westwood, didn't know what that was to his lion's gate operation there. And there was this courtyard. It was kind of Spanish. She looking and there was this courtyard and I'll be done. Robert Altman was up there and Gwen wells if you remember her with whom I did another movie after California split was walking around and these people were exotically wonderful and he said I just did this movie mash and people are kind of got something to do now and he was great. He was great. And so seeing that that night, that day, and that night, getting off the plane was striking and remarkable. And then, you know, hanging around there for a couple of week or two and doing that part. That was amazing. And then I went back, and then he said, if I like you and you're like me, we'll do Nashville this summer, didn't Nashville, what an amazing. Oh my golly to hang out with Lily Tomlin and Geraldine Chaplin and Keith Carradine and Ronnie blakeley and those people and Robert Altman and his opera and the people making that. And that was at the high point somehow of his I think many would say of his work with that and they did what Wes Anderson does now just kind of bubble this up. All we took over this complex there in Nashville and hung out for the whole time, what an amazing time. And then afterwards, I was like when an agent said, come out to California and we'll show you around. That was Abby greshler with diamond artists who had handled Martin and Lewis kind of an old time agent. I was okay, I'll come out stayed on the couch of a friend, and then just stayed. And so at first it was, you know, what it was, then Callie will grant a Coca-Cola, got up again here at the at the whisky a go go, we did it there at the whisky and go go for a little bit. And I got some. And then they sent me up for a few things and I did like a blue night and a starsky and Hutch and a Colombo and a Laverne and Shirley. So I was doing some things, but then you know and then things started to happen. But it was fine and dandy. You know, I still had taken dance classes and then I wound up taking finding Peggy fury, taking more acting classes and then you get to 83 and with my friend, we said, let's have a school. Let's kind of keep teaching this so we learned how to do it. And I talked for a couple of decades at this place and it became a California became a nourishing family and place to be of creativity and it's been very creative. We'll be right back with more Jeff Goldblum and vulture festival. This podcast is sponsored by better help online therapy. Better.

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