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It depends on how quickly you need to be your destination but as a result of this many airlines now are saying screw you. We're not going to serve alcohol anymore. And that's a big deal to the airline. Because i remember as a new hire. I had heard that the greatest source of revenue for united airlines was alcohol sales so when they stopped serving alcohol they lose a big portion of their revenue but several airlines now southwestern american and by the time you hear this probably several others are stopping sales of alcohol. Just because people don't behave very well when they when they drink on board the airline and of course it's against the far's for someone to board the airline if they're drunk. There's an fa against that so you cannot carry anyone on the airline as a passenger if they're if they're already under the influence of alcohol and the flight attendants are stationed at their door as you board to look for that to look for signs if you're looking to show she'll see among other things sharon nelson. The head of the flight. Attendant union has requested that there'd be more air marshals on the flight. Well that's not really the solution for a couple reasons. Air marshals are armed. They're trained to shoot bed guys. You're not going to very easily convinced. An air marshal to shoot some guy who's being a jerk. Okay were who might even be pushing a flight ident or something like that if he punches a flight attendant if the jerk pushes flight attendant maybe the air marshal will get involved but if an air marshall gets involved. He is disclosing his identity. Right away because they're supposed to be incognito. You're not supposed to be able to tell an air marshall from anybody else so their job is to be armed and shoot bad guys hijackers. They're not there to try to to try to break. Up fights between disruptive passengers. If you're looking in the video that i have on our show notes you'll see some some videos of some fights between passengers and if you look at the image that we have for the web page you'll see a picture of the passenger punching someone so these are also really troubling troubling things and i think that in the long term if i were king what i would do is i would raise ticket prices. I would say you know what you can't get on the flight unless you're dressed in business attire. Not even casual business. I would say if you wanna fly on my airline. You gotta wear business attire. And i think that would that would probably make things probably a little better. I remember when i was in the airforce in korea. There were a lot of fight and disruptions off-base should osan airbase and the base commander said okay. You cannot leave the base unless you're wearing your class a uniform and guess what a lot of the fight stopped. People started behaving themselves when they were in their class. A uniform so that would be my solution. They're line would lose money and get fired if i was a ceo but that is probably a really good solution. I i'm sure that you do not see this kind of this. Kind of behavior on private jets. I'm sure you're not that kind of on the the airliners that you can get a membership to where you're flying on a triple seven around the world.

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