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Fun he's not a lawyer it's not enough to tell the truth yet to tell the truth effectively jewelry consulted change curious minds for a living say michael weatherly his killers whitney and hilarious straight to be it's of of course timely michael weatherly will cbs tuesday or stream it live or on demand monday cbs presents a new comedy that asked the question can you ever live to close to perry he's face first i don't like your challenge yes yes you can be waiting twelve years futile moved back we must establish some growls iin this but no mark feuerstein gold and linda laven star hallenstein in march bomb what you get the first one now it's my turn none jkl series premier monday only cbs on the next forty eight hours life because he was going to kill me a former cop bodyguard for angelina jolie and brad pitt everybody loved this guy he called his daughter is he was being shot jennifer hurt his last words he's unique she put her father's killer away they were the only two people in that house one of them this one of them is on trial for his nerves and all new 48 hours tonight on cbs cbs wednesday on criminal some two fifty catches she wasn't targeted she was a witness latapy silas glick one he needs easy targets as hatter usually kills into is ready to deliver profer dare to go in your blue ones history slither we hit into.

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