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The pay for what I think if you look at what they did this offseason summer one I think that they are going to try and implement one because you have to respect the run not only from Lamar Jack yeah he's the number working room and Dobbins really drive that Ohio state who some believe was the best running back overall in the draft they also brought in Devin duvernay who Eric and I were big fans of added taxes in this rap class James proche J. out of SMU John I got some weapons on the outside so what he's saying is he wants more Jackson you take advantage of the one on ones if you have a one on one in Leicester I don't have the resources to do it I use it just the receiver's hands just like they tell dak Jon Kitna toe deck don't worry about the fifty fifty balls exactly in your receiver will catch it right so he said he believes Lamar's going to take the next step in our receivers are going to take the next step is on Mars defense.

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