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Four zero four rich is the number to dial here on the rich eisen show Sunday night football the birthday boy. Twenty six today. Patrick mahomes and the chiefs had to baltimore to battle lamar jackson and the ravens sunday seven eastern only on an bc owing to ravens. Don't usually start. Oh into and the chiefs can go to two and oh or or or the team that just lamarque and just take down slay the chiefs dragon and week. Two right in front of the home fans How big would this be for the ravens. Boy they just need to come out and run the ball latavius devante tyson. Levian get them all up right get them all give them all give them all ten touches run at forty times. Lamar can run it half the time or ten of those times right you see what. I'm saying a pickup. An don't let don't let lamar out on the field. I mean don't let mahomes out on the field too often. Last time the ravens started owen to twenty fifteen. That's from saints. Been awhile a started owen three that year. I can't wait to big one. Then that'll be after the vikings and the cardinals. It's the first gus. Keep to leave game. Well baby obeys wrong Man that just further makes helps. That'll be fun. That'll be fun afternoon Are you ready for sneaky. Good game show. let's go for it. Hit it hit it. Please paris chris brockman with sneaky good games contests likely surprised you or there here to for undisclosed competitive value.

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