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All right. Let's hear from you at download Graca. Hashtag game is conduct Tim. Tim. Hale says we should not forget, the to harass is the fourteen Vezina winner. He is capable of playing this. Well, maybe even better are really don't see Saint Louis or San Jose throwing him off his game in. Seven-game series while you might be right. Certainly to grasp his hat is issues in the postseason in the past. But you're right. I mean, this is a quality goaltender that does not get talked about his name does not get thrown around the way Jonathan quicks name gets thrown out or Henrik lundqvist's name gets thrown out, or even Sergei Brodsky during the course of the regular season. And maybe that's because Boston's got a lot of great stars on their team but Rask if he can win that Stanley Cup. He's right up there with the illegal tenders in this league. And like I said, if this team wins the Stanley Cup and right now they're only five wins away from doing it there. First down the Cup since twenty eleven first Cup for two Rask is a starter. He's going to win the cons my trophy. I really think so mariota's. Hey, down the Bruins are in complete control of the series to harass plate out of his mind, again, if they win the Cup should he be considered as a candidate for the Conn Smyth. Also, how many goalies have won the contest might in the past great question off the top of my head. I'm trying to think of goaltenders than one of their been quite a few matter of fact, if you go back to two thousand and three. J s Uganda was a goaltender who won the cons might trophy and did not win the Stanley Cup. Same thing went with Ron Hextall back in one thousand nine hundred seven when Edmonton won the Cup. It was Hextall the one the cons might even though Philadelphia did not win. So it's happened quite a bit even for losing team. So I Rask would have the inside track certainly of San Jose wins the Logan ca tour who's got thirteen goals would have to be in serious consideration as well. But right now when you consider who the favourite is and Rask being part of why Boston is such a huge favourite. I think he would definitely win the cons Smythe trophy. Chris, I Don are we seeing one of the all-time great playoff goalie performances with Rask, one point nine six against average nine thirty nine save percentage and will should be remembered as such as they if they win the Cup again, legacies are really built around Stanley Cups. Right. He's Jonathan quick one of the great goal of role time. Or do we focus on him being great because he's one to Stanley Cup champion. Ships is it should it be about championships? I think Henrik Lundqvist is a great goal has not win one a Cup. I think to grasp is better than Tim Thomas. Tim, Thomas has the ring Rask. Does not have the ring as a starter. But I think Rask would end up being better than Tim Thomas. I if he's able to capture this championship, he's the forgotten player, he really is. You hear so much about Berge. Ron Marsh Aon posture knock this year because of the great year that he had especially on the power play. You see their young defenseman like Carlo and Mackel volt McEvoy, and of course, the great goes day, no chara who still doing it. That may be Rask is mentioned five or six on the depth chart of greatness of the Boston. Bruins that certainly will change if they win the Cup. Seems like everybody wants to talk about Rask Roberts says as of now you'd have to say that Rask is the leading candidate for the consummate when you absolutely I think he's definitely going to win it, if they win Christina brings this up we talked about it earlier Justin Williams has been two of the five teams. That have come back from three down. Well, there's only been two four that have come back to twenty ten flyers. In the two thousand fourteen kings. I don't know if he will be part of a third one but two on the feed is pretty great. And there, I was thinking about this. Just because you could do a documentary on this guy, you really could the fact that he's been on so many great teams..

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