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Be a good pro i was told i'd never turn pro never win the olympia never win it more than once after i lost it they said come comeback win it again so i think a lot of that little ego to i mean you have to have a little ego to be able to do what i do and be great at it but i think everyone in their own right is destined for greatness it just depends on what platform of what level they're willing to put out and you know for me it was it was the fitness bodybuilding thing that allowed me to showcase my best talents need to have an ego especially to get up in front of people like that and pose little pair underwear i mean honestly dude in the beginning i thought it was so fucking weird you know like my my mom is like you know she didn't get it like we put on that die and shave in the body like you're going to do here in a couple of months it's so strange and you know you you you're like our ange right and you get up on stage the lights and you hit these poses and you know you have to learn how to you know sh show your strong points behind your weaknesses and everyone has weaknesses and also be somewhat entertaining and it's not just flexing right it's not you gotta be comfortable which it's not i mean you don't if you don't look comfortable they're going to recognize that yeah it's you know for me like that wasn't the fun part about what i did the fuck the best part was training in the gym like i love to train like i still to this day left to train but it was like the changes in the body and that was enough for me.

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