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Were homeowners out there when you see that construction project that you want to tackle around your house and you're like how did that get so expensive. It's because that plumbing company that electricity is now making more than the schoolteachers are. Because guess what they went to trade school and they're in much more demand than those other people and free market prices means they're keeping those people employed and they're working to your house. You're the one that's paying for that and eric. You put it a good way. I've never really looked at it like that. I go speak it career days for haskell's and the counselor is always come up at the end and say well how many people came as like you know three four and they're like you know how how come what do you tell them. It's like what y'all they see if they don't go to college and never gonna amount to anything they see a plumbing company here and like i'm not coming over there so we sit there and talk to the counselors and explain the counselors rat now here in the dallas area kid congratulate high school. Join the union and plumbing. Just because i know those numbers yup start out at thirty four thousand dollars a year and five years from now. He's going to be making almost eighty. Yeah and the the counselors look at you like That's more than i make. Why didn't i go to trade school. And i can. I can give you a list. Plumbers that make over one hundred thousand dollars a year and that is more than most teachers make. It's a little bit harder work but you know. I don't know i debate that. Sometimes i don't know if i'd wanna go on in front of a bunch of twelve year old kids for for six hours a day and be working with them all day that that takes a whole other set of patients to me rather being a crawlspace to be honest. I mean harder physical trust visit true. Yes you know. I would rather stand out in texas in the middle of summer in an attic or something then set in the classroom we kids. I love kids. And i love teaching kids. I just don't know that. I could do all day every day. I love being out ma out in the field work with my hands absolutely. That's not my element is well..

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