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For a five on five we're gonna tell you they had chances to shoot it please try to have yeah I don't understand the mentality Stan Santorum's stamp goes about one shot early in the sequence rubber was ready for that number was but wait there's a really was right at the bottom of the faceoff circle many try to go to stamp goes to the bottom of the other fictional circle we don't know Reimers definitely been the story tonight remember the CL need after the stamp of penalty at this they had the chance all the roads that are John city tonight Tyler Johnson point blank range drivers with very good to the Carolinas the lady of call time out try to devise a plane here the face of it in the Tampa Bay and now we're not talking about like five seconds long I mean there are thirty four seconds one that's not a lot of time but if the lady can get the pock with the face of a few other chance control to get it down the ice bowl the goal is to pull goalie is it going up there the goalie leads the gathered to red line if they can just make a play yelled in deep and go after it yeah the goalie goes to the bench and try to after the bartenders having said that it is a long shot lady get there for penalty killers out there point of the dryer and stored saw point throwing that got it turned off I think Staal's got pause so good at it yeah on a one point and it is one for turn act trying to clear that's blocked and my daughter just got knocked down in front turn act is not at his desk group a broken sticks at a later down a stick and now just plain keep weight teravainen look point to slay the twenty second what feel like to go after the policy to be progressively got all right circle shot blocked redone.

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