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So I liked the changes that the Soviets waved to bring to this table. I think we saw how Brad felt about the Ross. Everybody kind of questioned whether he was going to be dedicated and loyal to the guides that have been there, the Carson Edwards, shimmy o'jays, the tacos, the waters, and quite honestly he wasn't. I mean, he knew, hey, your great guy, but I got to go. I got to move you. Right. He's gone. Carson, who, you know, tried his best, but just everybody kind of thought he might be Isaiah like that he would be that little man off the bench who could line it up. That never worked. And unfortunately, I mean, he's not even in a league now live his way. And then taco and Tremont nice guys, you root for them. I know Tremont, I think is in I can't remember what can't be said. I think it was in Houston. He used to suddenly team have been Milwaukee picked him up. Yeah, there's some believe to me with the tacos in Cleveland. But I think Brad kind of understood. I don't think he I don't think he liked that roster last year. I think he looked at his bench and then he looked at the bench Brooklyn and Milwaukee, and he saw veterans. He saw a car. He saw guys who had a role. Hey, my role is 13 minutes to rebound. The PJ Tucker's and, you know, the Blake Griffin's guys who know their role, no, they're not stars anymore or know that they're contributing to winning as opposed to contributing to an all star team. And he looked at his bench and he sees, you know, shimmy and Carson and, you know, devonte green and, you know, and I know grant's back regret. Well, he doesn't have anybody to counter that with. He definitely changed it..

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