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So they hated each other after that, it's pretty bad. They would make anyone jello slow going to. Yeah, you knew. I know mug and what are you talking about? Yeah. The only thing that I can think of China, my jail. This issue really embarrassing telling this, but when I was fifteen, I. Remember seeming teak to my, I think he was my ex, like really, really close to breaking up. I'm pretty sure is my ex, but seeing takes to him for teen to to go to someone being, hey, but see tonight, let's hang out or something that fluidity always see my aches mean to who you take staying, and it was just that was. They go to us. Little fifteen year old low like come on. It's the oldest oldest trick in the book. Clearly he's going to know that it's a full thing to try to make him jealous. Did it work? Yeah. Build it. There you go fifteen year old now. So if you have any stories about making an x. jealous or someone who's trying to pull it on, I'm trying to think of other stories yet if you even got married to my ears jelly. Yeah, send it to us. She also hit a three meter tea cake, like three meters. That's like ten feet, holy shit, but some of those weddings, how do people have that much money? I don't know if her father or grandfather's Ali Garg Kaik colts. There were billion hundred thousand pounds. Wow. Outrageous. I'm sure she made him very, very jealous. She got him back. This fits the, the, the happy ending of the story as she got the expect from the fake weeding. Well, the real witting but the to make him John out the poor husband, the guy she married, like what? I wonder how quick the tune around walls. On our honeymoon. Yeah. Yes. He takes me once we may get. Flights, feelings? Oh, poor guy. As a hypnotherapist. I get tons of clients coming to me for anxiety, social anxiety, fear public speaking, and I used to have a paralyzing fear of public speaking. When I was in Uni, I decided to do a speech for extra credit and I was super confident with public speaking. I used to be on the debate team and a high. I loved public speaking occupied, wing it at anytime. Get right up, not even prepare was absolutely fine. And then I'm at union taking this drugs and society class. And as if you do a speech on anything to do with the topics we covered you get like an extra. I don't know, can't remember what it was, but anyways, so I'm like, oh, I'll totally do that. Barely prepared. I rock up and decided to do my speech on why marijuana should be legalized. Oh, what are you doing. That I was nineteen years old, northern California. In California, it's totally legal now you can find it pretty much anywhere, and yeah, yeah, yeah. We just like you can get like easier than alcohol these days like, yeah, and it's legal. It is totally legal. It's going California, Colorado. I'm not sure which other states. So yeah, they over there and smoke begun. No New Zealand needs to get up to the play. But anyways, at that time it wasn't legal. I'm outside waiting for classes star and chatted to these group of guys who were like playing with our hacky sacks and smoking joint. And I said, I'm doing a speech on how marijuana should be legal. The guys like puffs on his joint. It'd be us is if you did it when you're a high and I was like, yeah, that is such a good idea is the worst idea. Yeah, I was pretty dumb. And so I'm like, totally. So I take a couple puffs of this joint and I get into the class and the teachers like Caroline here you can go first. So. In front of like hundred people and the California Kush kicks in. And I'm just like. This horrible feeling of dread washes over me. Everyone's staring at me. My whole mouth goes dry speak. I would basically gaped like goldfish and someone's like, I think she's. Hi. Now work on red is and I'm sitting. The movie, like American pie. It was smoking a joint outside the classroom. So it wasn't like a very hard thing to figure out..

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