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Anyway my final say on a justice league pretty good not amazing i don't think our by it but i thought it was still a step in the right direction for the dc cinematic universe and i think it's a shame that they're affleck is now talking about exiting in you know and and people were saying that this wasn't as good as wonderwoman it's i do i mean there's just so much for bad for dc whoever is fucking hate in on him so marcher in jesus christ man i'm sure dc you'll be fine journal uh i hope i thought the film was bad and i thought it was boring and i don't really have much more to say that um joe it's been it's been a lovely evening i don't i i liked that we're seeing movies together now we are we didn't use to for a while well you're busy here running the tv show and a threat unmos staring into the abyss james cameras airbus i thought you want to fell i'm not but that's my favorite line and how the grinch stole christmas when he's going over schedule when jim carrey's going over schedule user he goes one p pm stare into the abyss very funny do you like that movie i never saw it i only saw that part and it may be really hard men i tried to watch it in the second they were like let's show you the back story of the korea no it's ira that wanted to spit on the television it's a very bad move yeah it's better than the cat and the hata.

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