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He'll place would force tyson berries two goals lifted the avalanche to a 42 win over the penguins their second win over the twotime defending stanley cup champions in the last seven days dating back to last year colorado is three in one against pittsburgh one of four teams that chair bed nar has a winning record against arm ryan kaufman with your extra sports update sportswear hummy andrew voguish after pregame and halftime ceremonies honoring kobe bryant the current lakers almost beat the warriors they held kevin durant to six of 25 shooting in regulation over overtime was different four for four including the game winner with seven seconds left head coach lou quilted says his lakers did their best player of his caliber you know that's what you're trying to do he took twenty nine shots to get thirty six points uh as sometimes the best you can do with players as good as he is those 36 points enough to get the warriors their ninth sri wind 116 won fourteen the rocket win streak is fourteen after down the jazz won twenty ninety the cavs have won five straight an 18 of nineteen as they play in milwaukee tonight wayne we should be back after sitting out son day the green bay packers cannot make the playoffs because the falcons one last night in tampa bay barely here's the trick bomber it's it's scuffle wired scalpellike leg no good why tiller right and the '55 yard effort mrs by just a little bit gene denker off on blocks radio patrick murray's misguided land 820 forward 21 w the falcons they a game behind the scenes in panthers in the nfc south they play in new orleans sunday patriots running back rex burkhead reportedly suffered only in these spray last weekend in pittsburgh he should be healthy for the postseason freeagent righty yu darvish met with the cubs in dallas last night darvish confirm that himself with a tweet last night and washington state football giving head coach mike legion extension through twenty twenty two it's reportedly worth four million dollars annually i mean.

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