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Are for listening and diabetes and totes for psoriasis and this is gonna continue we we plan to launch a twelve more new products between now in 2002 2003 we held costs in check so offerings best was basically flat and gross margins increased a little bit so that yields a great bottomline picture 34 percent reported twenty nine percent eps growth on an ongoing basis and i think we're the beat mostly happened was on the new products revenue and and so were were upping the guidance for the your by nickel for tend to 420 on an ongoing basis so you mentioned the truest city talks were that you've got a competitor called nobu nordisk who's got a dragged at and obviously diabetes pharmaceuticals are really important deal i realized you make a lot of money off of this to what extent of you're going to have to adjust your expectations going forward because the competition well we been competing with ever an artist for decades so that's nothing new of course they're very strong competitor and we have a lot of respect for them and we both share the mission of serving patients with diabetes right now and the gop market which is where to listen he competes were were gaining share and doing well we do expect them to launch new products there as well but that's over the long lands not a new phenomenon for the for us and through competition patients win so let's see the latest advance and the gop class is is growing the fastest patients are enjoy the benefits of a once weekly formulation which is different from all the other drugs in the class helping them control wade and blood sugar at the same time to important issues for people with diabetes dave you said really a lot of the expectations increased expectations for your company come out of the new products that are coming on line what are the one or two you expect with most material to your bottom line well right now as i said sure listening and talks are making the biggest difference but we have more coming i think that's the key message for investors is not all you we have a strong gross story and q 2 but we continue to diversify that new product portfolio which led a long life and are participating different parts of the.

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