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Previously proposed, which was driving fast and the slow lane, right? Yes. Major concern of mine. Also, I actually wish that I thought in the past about making flash cards. So that when I'm passing by could flash the CAR. This is you're going to slow or that's the wrong lane right? I haven't done it but it's a great idea though yeah. Thank you. What did you land on after that? So I was have a big pet peeve of. Manners I don't know I was raised southern my parents instilled in me whenever you're. You meet people you look them in the I. Say Hello Abso- always yes sir. Yes. Yes. Ma'am. No Ma'am you know not it's not for everybody, but that's just the way we were raised in the south. So. And that and and so you know it for. Is just a pet peeve when I see younger people. Not Have the same manners I was that were instilled in me growing up. So and especially like I contact when you're walking down the street. Walking down the path to check the waves and somebody's walking past you in I'm I'm Eddie to say hello. And at least nod head nod or whatever it is but in in if they're looking down I. always still say, Hello Yeah. I want to catch him off guard. I want them to feel the kindness that should be just by cross pads. So that's a that's a big pet. Peeve of mine is just being kind and be a nice people especially new people that you may because you never know. What they're going through you know they may be walking back thinking about something bad and somebody says hello and is nice to one. So I just think you can make a big impact on people just by being kind it is immediately uplifting to have a smile. Yeah. Yeah or have somebody come up to you and just go hey how's it going today are cool. Big Gulps. Later. with this with this also. The language will get under my skin like a twelve year old kid saying yeah. Yeah. Nah Nine about that. Talking about. Where's the? Yes ma'am. Right. Where's the no Sir I think that's hugely important to impart that respect but also we have to import it to each other. Will do call each other out is that what you? No, I just mean sometimes even your peers, the people that are in your same age bracket, we have to mirror that same respect. Yeah. You know Tony Asks me for. Some of the snacks that we have in there I'm gonNA say no Sir you may not have any of our snacks Tony. When? I say no Sir then it sets the tone sets a respectful tone. Luckily, translate to the water as well..

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