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Than 250,000 bikers for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. In central Indiana. A school is temporarily closing two days after opening after at least one staff member tested positive for Northeastern University public health expert believes Massachusetts should return to Phase two of re opening the director of the school's emergent Epidemics Lab Samuel Scarpino, telling the BBC TV the positive rate in the state's going in the wrong direction. The seven day weighted average is now 2.2% the highest it's spent since June. Scarpino says it's urgent act now, since it could take weeks to see the effects of any changes. He has that the state's priority should be giving K through 12 schools. A fighting chance to re open. Dr Anthony found to the country's top infectious disease expert, is warning against reopening schools in Corona virus hot spots. He spoke by video conference to New Hampshire's Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. He says that if all principal should be that Children return to school, but in some areas that might not be prudent. One Indiana school, meantime, reports its first positive covert case on the first day of school, Dr Shashank Ravi from the Stanford Emergency Department, tells ABC schools are going to have to find ways to adapt and no matter what we what we do, there will always be a few cases that show up and the key is Identifying those cases as soon as possible to help isolate and limit the spread across classrooms in campuses, the doctor says. We need national policies to help limit the spread. Families of special education students are pushing to be part of discussions on reopening schools WC CEO television reporter David Shuman. With the story from Eagan, Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis. Very don't offer any hope for the services. My daughter needs Macy's non verbal, non mobile and on a feeding to school for her in the Rosemount, Apple Valley. Egon District is about speech therapy, physical therapy, socialization and literally the human contact. He thrives on that touch the touch your hand, let her know that you're there. Macy's mother, Amanda Garcia, fears what her daughter.

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