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One on the shoulders South bound on the B W Parkway near 1 95 in the district north bound on I 2 95 a bit of a slow down your Suitland Parkway. Not for the reason, maybe just in the rain through the works on there, but otherwise things are doing all right around the Beltway and Maryland and Virginia. No one said it's or delays that are causing any delays at all on 66 all is quiet both ways, both inside and outside the Beltway and 3, 95 and 95 in great shape on the Virginia side as well. Bob Ow! Traffic. And now to storm team for meteorologist Mike Stanford. They went to weather advisory continues until one in the morning. That's a long and west of the Blue Ridge includes Washington and 100 counties in Maryland. And northern Fuck here and Western, loud and counties in Virginia and points West word tonight. Showers will end by around one in the morning. They'll be some pockets of freezing rain, well, north and well west, but no big travel issues. There could be some slippery bridges and overpasses. The big story overnight areas of dense fog. Visibility is near zero as temperatures rise through the forties during the day on Saturday, some morning Fox and after a sunshine it'll be much woman rather breezy, our highest 55 to 60 chance of showers on Sunday, many before noon. Colder highs mid forties Monday and Tuesday, partly to mostly sunny. Hi. Smoke days will be in the low to mid forties. I'm storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford 38 now in Alexandria, 34 in German Town, 38 degrees in DuPont Circle at 8 50. Virginia's paws on evictions ends today. But those who are unable to pay their rent in the Commonwealth are still protected, at least for another month. State leaders say A.

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