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I'm Melissa Barkley. Today marks the first day of the statewide mask mandate issued by Governor Evers just a reminder It does require people that wear face coverings indoors. But not with those you live with. Face coverings are also strongly recommended if you are outdoors, but you cannot maintain safe distancing. The order will expire September 28th. But there are a lot of big questions about how this mask mandate will be enforced Long after Governor Evers executive order was announced Thursday, requiring anyone at least five years old to wear face covering within a public indoor place. Sheriff's across the states, saying they will not investigate any complaints for possible violations. Over a dozen Everly statement, citing their reasons, ranging from a lack of resource is to properly and force to not wanting to question a person's medical conditions for not wearing one and seeing it as a constitutional overreach. One exemption is Sheboygan County who will use the mandate as an educational tool. To encourage people to wear a mask Esteem. Albert W. T. M J News Well, not the Brewers, Now the Brewers home opener fans expected yesterday. The major league Baseball season being tested as Corona virus continues to wreak average on the schedule. After two Cardinals players tested positive. The cruise home opener yesterday is postponed. Brewer's owner, Mark Attanasio, spoke with the media and said, it's going to take everyone pulling in the same direction to get thru the year. We have a lot of really smart people working on this number of committed Ares who wantto play through this, but everybody wants to play safely. If we're not smart and safe, then will fail. But you do everything we can not fail. 20% of the scheduled major league Baseball games are not played yesterday as a result of covert 19 map, Ali W T. M. J. Sport as of right now are brewers. Game Day. Coverage starts today at 5 35 just today, I snapped. That's the words of Matthew Garcia, the only Brewers fan who tailgated at Miller Park on Friday. That's what he tells team J News. He says that he wanted to do something that would be part of his normal summer routine. Braatz got.

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