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But they gotta take his suit and make it a batman chinese church family guy or japanese samra guy well the one thing i liked about the redesign was that symbol yeah yeah the one thing i did like about the redesign is that he could turn his head because that has always bothered me and all the batman movies because the michael keaton no because if i was gonna say if you go back and watch the older batman movies or like peak out the corner of your eye in the original the original the first one with mike wahidin and jack nicholson when batman goes to blow up the ace chemicals plant and he thinks the joker is there but he's not and he sees on the helicopter he's like standing facing the batmobile and like the joker puts a spotlight on he's like like that man missed a he turned his full body to look funny funny but he made it look cool it was awkward but they may look cool any shot at derive way to where it was like in a really bug me but even still they do this thing in the dark knight to make him more agile and can be more flexible and putting the flights are still shitty right it's like oh i need to be able to move and turn my head and it's like for what she can still have bullshit as fights that we didn't like and i had jila the of the suit was okay sure you know like i said i was impressed with an jila of a suit and however it's the wrong color it's like two darkin creepy for me sure i don't like the bat symbol at all i absolutely can't stand that we're pointy know what that symbols rounded yeah now do you like the way it looks now in the.

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