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Just seemed this topi intimate as i said on yesterday show 1984 was not supposed to be a playbook was not supposed to be a strategy going forward it was supposed to be a warning it was supposed to be a sign of like hey let's make sure we don't do this and really the issue one of the bigger issues as well that i have what the lapd in and fill i do appreciate your perspective and if that was the if that was the perspective going with the with this program if the majority of people in los angeles in california specifically in los angeles in this case wanted rome program if they put it up for a referendum if it was up for a vote i would say okay they've made their choices certainly los angeles as a crazy amount of laws that i think are absolutely horrible but for the most part the as a society they have made those decisions and they have said that this is the kind of culture that we want this is a this is acceptable for us if that was the case i would say okay well i guess that's what they want but the majority of people don't want it in that's the concern in the for the for the lapd to just push it through say no it's a one year program it's tough to put the genie back in the bottle very tough you know that's my commerce station when it comes to the second amendment as well i mean obviously i've i'ma i dr constitution needs to be upheld with the second amendment with guns i have a lot of my friends who say we need to get rid of guns all these kinds of things g8 going back in their bottle the genie his aides it's just not happening so what are we gotta do we need a culture change and i just feel as if this is a situation that needs to be nipped in the bud before we just have these things fly in all around like we're living in an episode of black mirror which by the way if you have not seen black mirror check it out it's on that plagues it's a british serve a.

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