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Just a tough ride out there this morning. Let's get a check with the situation on the expressway with Krista Neck and the My Friend Assurance Road Report. Glorious still pretty dicey here on the expressway tire tracks through the snow on the south outside, the volume is down. So that's at least one positive thing. So things are moving, albeit very slowly, both directions here between Braintree and the city. Kristen Act of them operate Insurance Road Report. There is an overturned box truck in rain ham 4 95 south on route 24 the person still inside that truck. They're trying to get that person out of there Right now. They've also closed off the off ramp in Burlington 1 28 south on to Route three because of several disabled vehicles. So lots of spinouts out there this morning. Just a tough ride. You need to take it slow. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three miles to go, apparently before we can rest here. Let's check the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast and meteorologist Dean DeVore. We've got winter storm warnings, Jeff through at least one o'clock. We may have to extend those a little farther. But it is really a treacherous situation out there where it's cold and snowing. It continues the changeover, especially areas south and southeast of the city. Causing rapid frees up situations and even worsening conditions as we go through the snow the rest of the morning around the foot city more than 12 to 18 inches North and west. But the very treacherous conditions into the afternoon will keep you up to date WBZ Boston's news radio and really depends on where you are as to what the conditions you're seeing, and we have seen the temperature's warm up a bit this morning to get above the freezing mark. And in locations where it has. It's also plummeted. And that's the case right now in Boston at Logan Airport as well where it had been in the low thirties, right around the freezing mark. It is now Dropped 10 degrees 22 here in Boston still snowing quite heavily on my dad. 7 36 here in WBC on a Thursday morning. Yeah, it is certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Good thing to its weak from Friday. Still, I was weak from tomorrow. Look at that Still hours to go for this snowstorm moves out of here. Time is moving fast. It's gonna dump around a foot of snow in most locations, and it's everywhere on.

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