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On the one zero one freeway playing down on the freeway there, right? By the center divider in Agora hills is about twenty minutes ago. Now that we I got calls about this people on the traffic center saying what they saw and. Yeah, it is amazing. He got out. No one else was hurt. And just the traffic is going to be a problem and everyone fire, you know, we do see videos of this. There was one of the other day. And now another one here on the one zero one in Agoura hills. Traffic is going to be a problem, you're the inspectors say that Diane just mentioned that to let's get you back over to the traffic center now and can extend seventies. Denise fondue gore road. Definitely is your alternate right now. It's the easiest way to get off the freeway and get around this closure on the one and one westbound and eastbound and the problem right now is that a gore Browde is very slow. So you got to know that when you get off the freeway that's going to be tough for you. I jammed alternate. But traffic is being taken off the one at one westbound at lost hills and eastbound side at liberty canyon. And of course, the fire department is still there with this. So you've got bumper to bumper traffic in both directions in any side street that you know, of that you want to take right now is definitely going to help you out a gore Rhodesia. Alternate is definitely going to be a tough one right now. You can also try loss. Virgin is you can take that to mow Holland and take that to Canaan and you can get back onto the one on one. If you're headed. In the westbound direction. Now as far as the four zero five is concerned. It just took a look at that. And that northbound sides already slowing as you make your way out of the Culver city area and into west LA next report to fifteen I'm Denise Fonda. With more traffic reports. More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio is going to take a lot of time with this plane down on the one zero one freeway in.

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