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They cozy cozy cozy and now we can confirm they are. Dayton have even made it sort of instagram official. I would guess to make it totally official on instagram. You have to post a picture together. Kiki's accusing but following each other. It's the first step. It's the first that this is how we get our reporting the old days we had to follow people ryan and sources to figure out now the celebrities do all flora's and i'm grateful for that these acute couple really really cute but it's delicious really really cute and it's delicious to see them. Iran new york. I happened to bump into them to baltimore where we go for a drink. James gordon is getting mocked for stopping traffic in la so the stars of the new cinderella. It's a remake on amazon starring. Camila cabello billy porter and edina manzella. They stopped traffic in. La for a flash mob to really promote their film and people are pretty angry about it so the new film has new music in it but that is unknown yet so nobody knows any hits from the show yet so instead of singing a song from cinderella they sang jennifer lopez. Let's get loud a little bit of misfit. There isn't it but there were dressed up in the cinderella costumes. They ran into the middle of the traffic stopped in and sang away. It was all being recorded to presumably for james's tv show. One user of social media set the following quote. I'm officially scared. by james. corden doing hip thrusts. He thrust his hips while he was singing. I will never be able to listen to this song the same way ever again. Another person wrote quotes. Imagine having a terrible day and then on your way home from work you're forced to watch camila cabello and james corden dance right in front of you. This would send you right over the edge and finally somebody else's complaining quote. It would have been great if they didn't block traffic to promote your movies. Some of us aren't as privileged lucky enough to get famous and have lots of money and we need to go to work to make ends meet. So you gotta think of this stuff when you want to do. A big pr stunt inconveniencing. The people not a good idea. You can do you stuns. You can dance ranch. You can wear your costumes. But honestly if i was rushing to work or rushing home maybe to get the babysitter or maybe going to the supermarket or even rushing just to see my mate. misdee-. I don't think i'd want to stop in traffic while they singley song. Don't mess with people's traffic. It gets them really really annoyed. A good idea and finally before we get a break ashley. Simpson i used to work for ashley. Hello ashley l. Allow shared a nude photograph of a husband to celebrate his birthday to actually took to social media. To is your husband evan. Ross that's diana rossi son a happy birthday by sharing a naked photograph of the actor in the shower. She wrote happy birthday to the love of my life. that's sweet. She included a black and white photograph of them together and a second photograph of him taking a steamy shower..

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